First Stage: 2019 Senior World Championships, 25-31 August 2019, Tokyo, Japan

Following a meeting of the Selection Panel, and the subsequent ratification from the Performance Advisory Group (PAG), the following athletes meet the FIRST STAGE criteria outlined in the 2019 Senior World Championships Selection Policy documents, and have therefore been selected to represent Great Britain at the 2019 Senior World Championships to be held from 25-31 August, in Tokyo, Japan:

-60kg Ashley McKenzie Camberley
-52kg Chelsie Giles Coventry
-57kg Nekoda Smythe-Davies Ealing
-63kg Lucy Renshall S.K.K.
-70kg Sally Conway Edinburgh
-70kg Gemma Howell Wolverhampton
-78kg Natalie Powell Irfon
+78kg Sarah Adlington Edinburgh

These First Stage Selections have been made and announced within the timelines set out in the 2019 Senior World Championships Selection Policy document being week 22, week commencing 27 May.

The Second Stage and Final Selections for the 2019 Senior World Championships will be made and announced in week 31, week commencing 29th July.  All selections will be dependent on athletes adhering to the BJA’s Performance Programme and Code of Conduct Policy.

As part of their preparation for the World Championships, selected athletes will compete in the CRO Grand Prix, and all selected athletes (following the second stage selection), will be expected to attend the WC Preparation Camp from the 5–9 August at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.

It will be compulsory for all selected athletes to attend a Media Day.  Full details to be confirmed in due course.

As per the 2019 Senior World Championships selection procedure, all selected athletes MUST wear Adidas Judogi that will be (or already has been) provided by British Judo.  Athletes will be required to supply and fix their own backpatches to their Adidas Judogi.

The GB Senior Elite Performance Coaches will meet with non-WCPP athletes to discuss their preparation programme.