Meet the Official – Chris Sharpe

Name: Chris Sharpe

Club: Sentai Judo Club

Role: Senior Recorder

What is your judo background?

I have participated in judo for 35 years and am a 2nd Dan black belt and Level 2 Coach. I ran Crewe Judo Club for over 30 years and am now Assistant Coach at Sentai Judo Club in Port Talbot.

Where are you in your officiating journey?

I am a Senior Recorder and in addition to enjoying volunteering at a range of events , I enjoy training other members and parents at the start of their officiating journey.

What has been your favourite moment as an official?

Too many to pinpoint to just one moment. I enjoy the comradeship and the many friends I have made whilst officiating. Highlights would have to be seeing judoka compete on the international stage, such as Olympic Games and World and European Championships, who I have officiated for since they have been a young judoka competing at grass roots level.

What do you love most about officiating?

Friendship and witnessing amazing judo from the best seat in the house.

What are your ambitions in officiating?

To continue to enjoy what I am doing and be the best Technical Official I can be to enable the tournaments to run smoothly so that everyone involved can leave an event having had a positive experience and will want to return.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to be an official?

Do it, there is always someone on hand to help you on your path and it’s a great way to give back to the judo community and the sport and to help judoka develop. You will make loads of friends and get to travel to places you wouldn’t normally go to.

What three words best describe officiating to you?

Challenging, comradeship, amazing.

There are are range of roles within officiating, from Timekeeper to Contest Recorder; Senior Recorder to Competition Controller. To find out more, and start your journey in officiating today. Check out our Officiating page.