Medals galore in Mauritius

Great Britain came second in the medal table at the African Open in Mauritius as the self-funding team scooped three golds, one silver and three bronze medals overall.

There were five fifth and two seventh place finishes too, rounding off a successful competition all round.

It was gold for Nekoda Davis, Owen Livesey and Andy Burns, Louise Renicks scooped silver while Kelly Edwards, Stephanie Inglis and Jodie Mullen all bounced to bronze.

Davis (-57kg) took an ippon win over home judoka Chrisnabelle Ravina and then found herself in the semi-final against Inglis for an all-GB fight, winning this by ippon she guaranteed her place in the final against Marie Muller of Luxembourg and took the contest by a single yuko.

Owen Livesey (-81kg) took two ippon victories over home judoka in the shape of Jason Bijou and Jonathon Charlot amd then took gold with two shiodos to Lima Diogo’s three.

Andy Burns (90kg) beat Diego De Souza Barreto of Australia by ippon for a place in the semi-final against Zack Piontek of South Africa which he won by one shido to two for a place in the final against Abderrahmane Benamadi of Algeria with an ippon victory.

Louise Renicks (-52kg) beat Lisa Kearney of Ireland in her first contest with one shido to Kearney’s two for a place in the final against Christianne Legentil – a match she lost by ippon to settle for the silver medal.

In the same pool Kelly Edwards took bronze after she beat British team-mate Kelly Staddon for ippon. Staddon took fifth while Ireland’s Lisa Kearney took the other fifth place having beaten Staddon earlier in the day. She also lost out to Renicks before beating Djazia Haddad of Algeria for fifth.

Other fifth place finishes were given to Nathon Burns (-66kg), Lewis Keeble (-66kg), Lucas Rowe (-60kg), Frazer Chamberlain (-90kg). Seventh place went to Jade Lewis (-52kg) and Kirsty Powell (-63kg).

Next stop Wollongong, Australia.

Words by Donna Richardson.