Marking National Heritage Day – Catching Up with Loretta Doyle

Today marks “National Sporting Heritage Day” in the UK and British Judo has marked this by beginning to compile an oral history of members, volunteers and participants memories and stories in the form of audio podcasts.

National Sporting Heritage Day is an annual event, held on the 30th of September, that aims to raise awareness about sporting heritage in the UK, including the history of certain sports and significant past achievements. Each year the day has a different theme, this year’s theme is: ‘Inspire, Share and Celebrate’.

British Judo has a very rich history starting with the founding of the Budokwai in 1918 by Gunji Koizumi, and then the subsequent founding of the EJU and the IJF.

The British Judo Association along with its partners are passionate about recording its history and have plans for future projects which will secure this.

Headed up by British Judo Heritage enthusiast Ross Taylor, our first Podcast features former World Champion and current British Judo Association Board member Loretta Cusack-Doyle.

To listen to the interview, please click here

If you would like to be interviewed or have a recommendation for a future podcast please contact British Judo Heritage and History Co-ordinator Ross Taylor on