Loretta Cusack-Doyle To Launch The “Loretta Doyle Judo Foundation” Charity

Former European and World Champion Loretta Cusack-Doyle is set to launch her own Charity Foundation in the coming weeks.

British Judo Board Member Cusack-Doyle will launch the “Loretta Doyle Judo Foundation” with a Charity Dinner timed to coincide with the British Championships.

The Charity Dinner is taking place at the prestigious Cutlers Hall in Sheffield, on Saturday 7th December 2019, starting at 7.00 pm with a sparkling wine reception during which there will be a Tribute to Craig Fallon using video material kindly put together by Fighting Films from their extensive archives.  The theme of the evening is “A Celebration of British Judo Excellence” and many tables will be hosted by VIPs from the Judo World, past and present.  The Guest Speaker is Stephanie Inglis, who many will recall is our Commonwealth Games Silver medallist who suffered serious head injuries when working in Vietnam.  Stephanie’s story of how the Judo world rallied around to help her home and recovery is an inspirational testimony to the power of the Judo world to help those in need.

What is the Charity all about?

We’ll let Loretta explain in her own words…

“… I’ve had a good life through Judo. I now want to give to others what Judo has given to me… to share the benefits that Judo can provide with those who are disadvantaged in life for whatever reason – their age, poverty, illness, physical or mental incapacity. I don’t judge people by their poor circumstances or lifestyle.  Taking part in Judo is a superb pathway to a better life away from issues such as substance abuse, knife crime, gambling, or where there is potential to be drawn into criminality and a new approach is needed.

I want to raise money to pay to introduce people to Judo so that their lives can be enriched by participating in our sport free of charge in the same way as my life was enhanced from my earliest formulative years…

Of course, especially at this time, those who follow the sport of Judo will be aware of several recent tragic events that highlight the fact that many Judo athletes find difficulty coping with life both during and after their competitive Judo career.  My new Judo Foundation is seeking the Charity Regulator’s permission to extend our aims to provide support to Judo Athletes and dependents who may fall upon hard times, through physical or mental stress and may need Confidential Counselling and support.”

Why does Loretta think we need a new Charity for Judo?

Loretta’s new Charity intends to concentrate on raising funds to be a facilitator to bring Judo to those who are disadvantaged.  Funds raised will pay for the delivery of free Judo lessons to Individuals and Communities in need, working with BJA Clubs and coaches (and those of National Affiliate Bodies) at their normal commercial rates to deliver bespoke Judo Programmes.  As such, this initiative is adding value to the UK Judo world by introducing new money, new members and enhancing our sports image by delivering our sport free of charge to those who can’t afford it (in Poverty) or need a different approach to enable them to participate (the physically or mentally challenged).  All participants will have BJA Membership paid for, and for the Grading on completion of their programme.

As such, Loretta’s new Charity expects to work in co-operation with The British Judo Trust to support our in-house Charity’s aims to widen participation to embrace the disadvantaged, help with the development of Judo coaching skills to cater for special needs, and to build a pool of adapted equipment resource that can be used to deliver Judo to those who have non-standard requirements to enable them to enjoy our sport.  The Foundation will lend individuals Judo Suits, will lend Clubs special mats and equipment to deal with a range of conditions and disabilities, and work with specialists to enhance skills to deliver non-threatening coaching for non-competitive enjoyment.

How can you find out more?  How can you or your club be part of this initiative?

Let Loretta know of your interest by email, giving your name, telephone number and any other means to best contact you, and she will get in touch to discuss matters with you. She is happy to hear from any club or member from any part of the UK.  Loretta.Doyle@LorettaDoyleJudoFoundation.org

Details of the Charity Dinner, and how to get your tickets, can be found on the Charity website: www.LorettaDoyleJudoFoundation.org/CharityDinnerLaunch.