Looking To Fundraise For Your Club? CrowdFunding Webinar Announced!

Are you interest in finding out how your club can benefit from getting involved in CrowdFunding as a way of fundraising for your club?

On 14th September 1:00pm-1:30pm, Crowdfunder will be hosting an online webinar designed for sports clubs who are interested in raising vital funds for their club.

What is CrowdFunding?

CrowdFunding is a different way to raise money for good ideas. People are increasingly bypassing more traditional funding routes such as bank loans or grants and turning instead to the people around them and in their community to support their venture. It’s been around for centuries but the internet makes it possible to reach much bigger audiences than before.

How do I create a project?

Creating a good CrowdFunder project does take time but our website is designed to make it as straightforward as possible. Check out what other successful projects did and aim to explain your idea in a structured, concise and engaging way. A simple video and some pictures will give it a really professional look.

If you are unable to make the webinar but would be interested in finding out more please let me know. You can also visit the CrowdFunder website for more information, please click on the link below: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/about-crowdfunder-and-crowdfunding

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