Looking After Our Mental Health

Mental health and wellbeing is a key issue across the country and will continue to be so beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

Club Matters have teamed up with Mind to develop two new guides to help organisations support people’s mental health now and as they return to sport and activity.

They have put together a really useful resource aimed at clubs and groups while the other is designed for the professional workforce.

The resource for sports clubs and groups covers the importance of meeting people’s needs by creating a supportive atmosphere and tailoring their approach to communicating. The guide for the professional workforce is designed to help you start a conversation about mental health and wellbeing with the organisations you work with. The guides are available at the below links.

Supporting mental wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic: A guide for clubs and groups

Starting a conversation with clubs/groups about mental health and returning to play: Top Tips for the professional workforce
(please note, the guide is only available through this link).

You can gain some extra insight into Mind’s views on the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and why these resources are particularly important in the current climate in an exclusive Club Matters blog post from Mind’s Head of Physical Activity, Hayley Jarvis.

We hope you’ll find the workforce guide interesting and useful.