Livesey masterclass at Blackpool Keidokwai

Judo players both young and old at the Blackpool Keidokwai Judo Club were treated to a masterclass from European Under-23 champion Amy Livesey on Monday 7 March.

As part of the British Judo Club Reward Scheme the club were offered the opportunity to have a masterclass from a current British international which they happily took up.

Livesey led two sessions on the evening, one with juniors and another with seniors, and for both sessions took them through a mix of technical work including utilising Koshi-Guruma and Ouchi Gari against a strong pushing opponent with a dominant right hand grip.

The senior session were also taught a sankaku which can turn into a hold down as a back-up before moving onto an intense Randori and Ne-Waza session.

Ross Godwin, Head performance coach at Blackpool Keidokwai, said:

“It was incredible, the children really looked up to Amy and felt inspired. All the senior players loved the night, enjoyed the technical learning and really do appreciate Amy’s time.

“We are all grateful and buzzing. Incredible evening!”