Kyu Grade Syllabus Update

British Judo is pleased to share the updated Kyu Grade Promotion Syllabus. Effective from October 2023, this syllabus supersedes all previously published syllabi.

The syllabus includes a few minor technical changes; some techniques have been removed and for some grades, the order has been changed. The total number of techniques assessed has been reduced, with the intention that the quality of the techniques remaining is increased.

The aim of the syllabus is to give players a wide range of technical knowledge, whilst emphasising quality over quantity. Combinations, counters, transitions, and quality randori are introduced at key points. There is also an introduction to Kata with an emphasis on how it relates to learning and the practice of competitive skills.

The syllabus is linked to an advised competition experience pathway; however, for those players unable to compete, it can be standalone. It should provide both the underpinning basics needed for the contest player and the skills needed for a recreational player to be proficient and to better understand judo.

To read the updated syllabus, please click here.

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