Kendal Winter Training Camp returns for 2012

The 26th Kendal Winter Training Camp will be running from 2730 December.

The highly-regarded camp is famous for the hard conditions and the tremendous work ethic that the camp encourages along with the fierce randori and the unusual outdoor activates,

The Kendal Camp is the perfect platform to start the New Year in peak condition.

Judoka of the highest calibre regularly attend such as former world champion Craig Fallon who has been to this camp since he was 14 years old.

London 2012 Olympians including Sophie Cox, Sally Conway, Euan Burton and Winston Gordon have also given their all in Kendal.

The camp not only provides high quality randori twice a day but also provides a unique outdoor programme that allows each player to push themselves that little bit further and help them to achieve not only a better physical condition but a stronger psychological outlook which will stand them in good stead for the upcoming British Championships and the competitive season ahead.

Whilst the camp is accepted as quite challenging, it is not only aimed at seniors but also cadets over 14 years of age and juniors. However, the camp is not for the inexperienced or new players, it is best suited to competitive players or players who like a strong practise,

If you want to attend this year’s camp between 27th and the 30th December please visit    

If you have any difficulty please contact either Brian Moore at  mobile- 07808002697 or Mike Liptrot at   mobile – 07708968194