Karina Bryant testimonial event at Camberley

Olympic Bronze medallist Karina Bryant took her last session at Camberley Judo Club, surrounded by friends, family and fans, at dojo where she trained her whole distinguished career, as Camberley held an official testimonial event on Saturday 17 August.

It was a chance to honour Bryant’s fantastic contribution to British Judo as she announced her retirement from the sport in the same month, a year after winning bronze at the London 2012 Olympics. Over 100 people flocked to Camberley to train with the distinguished judoka before she left for a break to Australia and many stayed on for the party and barbeque afterwards.

Camberley’s Head Coach, Luke Preston, who coached Karina before her Olympic medal triumph, said: “Karina’s testimonial day allowed everyone from Camberley to send Karina off with our best wishes. The open randori sessions with both junior and seniors were great fun with faces old and new popping in. The evening celebration saw plenty of people come to the club enjoy some great food and celebrate Karina’s fantastic career with her. Thanks to everyone that supported the event.”

Meanwhile Robin Sadler, a coach from Sandbach, who travelled three and a half hours from Cheshire, said: “I knew I had to be there to share her last session. “No matter the distance, the chance to be on the mat with Karina, Luke and the Camberley club meant so much. The two sessions were fantastic and we received a warm welcome as always and enjoyed fun packed, great judo. We are so glad we could be there to support such a gifted athlete and club.”

Words by Donna Richardson.