Competitors, family members, coaches and officials will be aware via the media of the current Coronavirus (“Covid-19”) outbreak across the World and more locally within the United Kingdom.

To date, this has led to the cancellation of a number of international sporting events – primarily due to guidance issued by various Governments over the maximum number of attendees at a specific event. This guidance is not the case within the United Kingdom at this time.

Following careful consideration and taking note of the information currently available to it, JudoScotland have taken the decision to continue with the staging of the Scottish Cadet Open Tournament this coming Saturday, 7 March 2020.

In taking this positive decision to stage the event, we will be asking all those attending the event to assist us to ensure that we look to minimise the opportunity for the transfer of any potential virus.

Due to the current situation, we do appreciate that an individual competitor and/or their family may not wish to travel and/or compete at this time. Due to the current extraordinary situation and potential uncertainty over the coming few days, JudoScotland would like to extend a partial rebate (50%) on the entry fee for those competitors that wish to withdraw from the event.

If this is the case, an email intimating the request to withdraw from the event should be sent by the competitor, or a parent/guardian to

The deadline for intimation of withdrawal from the event and to receive the refund offered will be 1200 hours on Wednesday 4 March 2020. No refunds will be considered after this date. This offer is made in good faith to all those concerned and without prejudice or precedent.

We will continue to monitor the official advice and direction being given around this issue and make informed decisions as appropriate.