British Judo is launching a new digital campaign to encourage new members to the sport we all love!

Judo4All is a new British Judo campaign aimed to share stories from our members on their reasons for getting involved in the sport we love. As part of the campaign, we would like to publish videos of our members sharing their reasons for doing Judo, and what the sport means to them. These clips will then be shared across the British Judo website and social media channels.

The aim of the campaign is to share with potential new members the benefits of Judo from the people that matter the most to us, our members. It would be great to share stories from all of our members, young and old from a range of backgrounds. We want to show how Judo is a sport that is accessible to all, regardless of age, religion, ability, or disability. Judo truly is a sport for all!

What is required:

For this campaign, we are requiring a landscape video clip (no more than 30 seconds long) answering the following questions:

  1. What does Judo mean to you?
  2. Why did you get started in Judo?
  3. What has Judo given you?

When recording your video please include the question in your answer. i.e “I started Judo when I was 5 years old as my parents wanted me to make more friends. The friends I have made in Judo have remained in my life for 20 years”

We also ask that you wear your Judogi or an unbranded T-shirt.

Video Requirements and Format:

When filming your video you will need to shoot the video on your smartphone. We are requiring that all videos are to be shot in landscape (phone on its side) and in 4k. To ensure your smartphone is in this mode, please follow the instructions below:


  • Launch the camera application
  • Open Settings
  • Swipe down and tap Camera
  • Tap Record Video
  • Select 4K at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps


  • Launch the camera application
  • Select Settings
  • Find the video section and tap on Back camera video resolution
  • Select UHD 4k and now you will be shooting

How to send the video to British Judo Association:

 When you have finished filming your video, please upload your video to http://wetransfer.com/ and select ‘get a link’ (this is a free-to-use service). Once uploaded, please send this link to theresa.halpin@britishjudo.org.uk

Important notice:

By sending your video to our Digital Communications Officer, Theresa Halpin,  you are happy for your video to be uploaded across The British Judo Association website and social media platforms.

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