Jita Kyoei : NIJF Causeway and Sonkei – learning together

Early November saw fantastic opportunities of growth in Northern Ireland as the next generation of judoka from Causeway Judo and Sonkei Judo came together for a training session.

 The Northern Ireland clubs connected to recognise the anxiety and pressure that is often faced by children around competitions. The juniors were able to build their self-confidence while learning in a positive environment with new partners.

The long-term vision looks to encourage the young judoka to always take away a positive event experience to allow for personal growth, rather than focusing on podium achievements, the session allowed for learning to actively take place. The judoka put to the test different ways of scoring, whilst also looking at the process for competitions in a way that was engaging for all involved.

Mark Donald, from Sonkei Judo shared the impact the session had on those involved:

“The overriding precedent for this session, was explained to both the children participating and their parents and guardians. The night is about the creation of self-belief. That things may look daunting, but once you get out there, try it, it’s often never a bad as it seems. Sometimes you need to find that spark of bravery, and that was something we stressed to everyone.

The medals aren’t from the results, but the hard work put in by the children every week in and week out their dojos and beyond as they better themselves through judo for all walks of life and the future.”


The pilot session will be shared to a progressive events steering group, highlighting the many benefits of judo from grassroots to World and Olympic level.









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