Improvements made to Grading Schemes

Following a review there have been a number of amendments to British Judo’s Mon, Kyu and Dan Grading schemes.

Last year British Judo surveyed the membership in an open consultation on the three syllabi to see what improvements could be made. The recommendations that came out from the survey were approved by the Area Director of Examiners before being ratified by the British Judo Board of Directors.

“Overall the membership were highly satisfied with the current grading schemes and their administration. These changes have been incorporated to give greater clarification of the grading schemes for coaches, players and parents/guardians”, said British Judo, Regional Delivery Manager Dave Horton-Jones.

A revised gradings FAQs document is now available here.

For the full version of the new grading syllabi click on the links below:

New Dan Grade Syllabus >>>

New Mon Grade Syllabus >>>

New Kyu Grade Syllabus >>>  

Summary of key amendments to the Mon and Kyu Grades system:

  • The minimum age for the Mon Grading scheme is 8. There are interim instructions and notes for coaches with current junior judoka under the age of 8.
  • Advice has been added to assist the coach on the grading assessment and formal presentation of promotion to the successful judoka.
  • Greater clarification on how to convert a Mon grade to Kyu grade, Fast Track Policy and administrative instructions.
  • Gradings for Disabled Players in consultation with Inclusion Commission

Summary of key amendments to the Dan Grades:

  • Greater clarification on line-up process for competitive Dan gradings, grading guidelines for Visually Impaired judoka, category requirement since last promotion and for examiners of the Dan Grading syllabus.
  • Explanation on Promotions Policy for promotion to 6th Dan and above.
  • A 4th Option added to the Heavyweight/Lightweight Grading pathway, enabling a judoka to provide competition results as a means of achieving promotion.
  • Technical Examination for Disabled Players – Following additional consultation with Inclusion Commission, revised grading instructions and administration.
  • Important changes to the Time in Grade rule, enabling competitive Dan Grades to take their 1st Technical Dan Grade in less than 5 years.
  • Reclassification of Categories A/B/C/D more in line with IJF requirements.