IJF Academy

IJF ACADEMY: 22nd-28th August

We are now coming towards the end of the IJF Academy Level 1 Instructor and Undergraduate Certificate Judo Instructor (UCJI) course which we have hosted at our Olympic and Paralympic National Training Centre in Walsall. After the current Olympic cycle ends (Paris 2024) the IJF L1- Instructor and UCJI qualification will become mandatory when coaching matside.

During the week of training in Walsall, the home of British Judo, has connected 8 countries, 31 participants and judo enthusiasts, not forgetting the exceptional judoka talent. We have seen World, Olympic and Commonwealth Champions getting involved throughout the duration of the course.

It has been great to see a range of experienced individuals that have come together for the tuition, in particular our GB coaches. The course has provided the opportunity to develop skills and explore techniques with IJF Academy experts Mark Huizinga, Slavisa Bradic, Chikara Kariya and Udo Quellmalz.

The technique practical sessions have been somewhat demanding, with over 6 hours of time spent on the mat each day. The sessions have required participants from different experience levels to work with a partner where they challenge themselves to execute the techniques well, while also engaging in the learning process behind the movements. When executing the techniques instructors have been observing and offering support or development points where necessary to uphold the high standards of the 100 techniques explored throughout the week.

Chris Barry, who is British Judo’s Performance Analyst & Technical Coach was one of many GB coaches taking part in this week’s course.

“I’ve particularly enjoyed the learning process of the nage-no-kata this week. I have benefited hugely from the course by learning more about some of the principles of why techniques work and challenging myself to execute these, both left and right-handed and the cooperation with my partner throughout the week. I certainly have a newfound appreciation for kata.”

In the National Training Centre, we have seen a fantastic display of the values that underpin the IJF’s moral code, Courage, Modesty, Sincerity, Friendship, Honour, Politeness, Self-Control and particularly Respect. Amongst the participants, it is clear to see the level of respect for individual accomplishments and experiences at all levels that are shared.

Anna Maria Carbone, who coaches at Coventry Judo Club has also been a participant of the course this week.

“I enjoyed sharing this course experience with some champions from the past and contemporaneous, seeing them struggling like me in some bits helped me keep going.”

The training course concludes on Sunday 28th August with participants having the opportunity to give feedback and reflect on the developments they have made over the week. British Judo hopes to continue to see the benefits from the learning that has taken place this week in the judo community, for both GB and International coaches.

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