Live coverage of the European Games in Minsk will be broadcast on BT Sport and BT Sport Extra throughout the Games.

British Judo interest starts on Saturday 22nd June and runs up to, and including, Monday 24th June.

Friday 21st June

8pm-10:45pm* – BT Sport 1 (Opening Ceremony)

Saturday 22nd June

  • LIVE: 8.30am-12pm – BT Sport Extra 2 (Preliminaries, Semi-Final and Repechage)
  • LIVE: 3pm-5.15pm – BT Sport Extra 3 (Finals and Medal Ceremonies)

Ashley McKenzie -60kg

Chelsie Giles -52kg

Sunday 23rd June

  • LIVE: 8.30am-3.30pm – BT Sport Extra 2 (Preliminaries, Semi-Finals and Repechage)
  • LIVE: 3pm-5pm – BT Sport Extra 3 (Finals and Medal Ceremonies)

Lucy Renshall -63kg

Alice Schlesinger -63kg

Gemma Howell -70kg

Sally Conway -70kg

Stuart McWatt -81kg

Monday 24th June

  • LIVE: 8.30am-1.15pm – BT Sport Extra 3 (Preliminaries and Semi-Finals)
  • 7am – 8pm – BT Sport 3

Jemima Yeats-Brown -78kg

Natalie Powell -78kg

Sarah Adlington +78kg

Max Stewart -90kg

Frazer Chamberlain -90kg

*all times are GMT

Judo action is scheduled to commence at 08:30am GMT each day, with Final Block scheduled to start at 3pm GMT**

**Please note BT Sport timings may be subject to change and not match the live schedule.

Do not worry if you are unable to watch the coverage as a full daily round up will be available on the British Judo social media pages.