Hosting of BJA National Events 2019

The British Judo Association (BJA) invites Home Countries, Areas, Counties, Clubs and any other judo organisation within the British Judo Association, to bid to host national events for 2019.

The following events are available:
2rd/3rd February 2019 – English Open Pre-Cadet/Cadet Championships & Randori Day * (open to English Areas, Counties, Clubs and organisations only)
9th/10th March 2019 – English Open Junior/Senior Championships & Randori Day * (open to English Areas, Counties, Clubs and organisations only)
6th July 2019 – British National Team Championships

See Note 1 British Masters and British Minors Championships
See Note 2 British Kata Championships.

* The cost of the Randori Days is totally funded by the BJA England Talent Development Programme which will provide the coaching staff.

Note 1 British Masters & Minors Championships: There is a choice of four dates: September 21/22, October 5/6, October 26/27, or November 16/17. The date chosen must also have regard to IJF and EJU Masters events. The Masters event would be on the Saturday and Minors on the Sunday.

Note 2 British Kata Championships: No fixed date, any time between September and November to avoid other major events.

At this stage we are only looking for a declaration of interest after which we enter negotiations with the applicant prior to a formal offer.

Those wishing to bid must confirm that they can host the event they are bidding for on the dates detailed above. They must also confirm that they can meet the standards required of a national event.

The hosting body will be required to sign a contract agreeing to meet those standards, which will be discussed and agreed before the awarding of the event is confirmed. The BJA will offer a support package including financial assistance. However, failure to meet the standards may result in part of that finance package being withheld and/or future events not being awarded.

Email your declaration of interest to Colin McIver, Sport Director at no later than Friday 17th August 2018.