Has your club signed up to British Judo’s Club Reward Scheme?

The British Judo Club Reward Scheme rewards clubs looking to develop and grow their membership.

For any club looking to grow their membership this is a fantastic opportunity to get access to some high value rewards such as an Adult Gi worth £40 or a GB Athlete Masterclass for your club. Rewards vary depending on the level of growth achieved.

British Judo Association Chairman Kerrith Brown gave his backing to the scheme. “The Club Reward Scheme enables us to go back to the clubs and give them the support they deserve because they are the heartbeat of the association”.

British Judo Association Chief Executive Andrew Scoular added; “It’s really important that we have strong and vibrant clubs that are able to attract new members and cater for them”.

More than 50 clubs have already been rewarded as part of the scheme.

Has your club grown recently? Want to be rewarded for that growth? Sign up to the Club Reward Scheme now by clicking here.

For more information on the scheme please click here to download the Club Reward Scheme brochure.