British Judo are pleased to bring you our finalised Phase 1 “Safe Return To Judo” paperwork which will allow clubs to re-open from 25th July – providing they follow our advice and guidelines.

This advice is subject to change dependent on ongoing Government Advice.

Please note this does not necessarily mark a return to full-contact judo as we know it, but it will allow clubs to re-open and start that process. In order for clubs to begin to re-open, they will need to adhere to the guidance as well as completing and returning the Club Declaration Form to British Judo as detailed below before opening for indoor sessions.

We have been holding a number of webinars over the past several weeks tailored for specific stakeholder groups within the sport focusing on a safe return. If you have missed any of these webinars, you will be able to catch up on the recordings of the sessions further down this page.

One major change from our initial draft paperwork sees the mat area amended for all ages as it decreases to 3x3m. Previously, our advice was a 3x3m mat area for Under 12s and a 4x4m area for over 12s. This allows clubs to fit a maximum of 15 athletes on the mat at any one time with social distancing.

PLEASE NOTE: This is advice is based on English clubs only, with the Home Nations (Scotland/Wales/Ireland) currently in different stages of lockdown so they will publish their own advice.

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Preparing for judo:

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Online Support Webinars

Webinar #1: Club Support

Webinar #2: Coach Support

Webinar #3: Parent/Guardian Support

Webinar #4: Technical Official Support

Webinar #5: Referee Support