Graham Beagley and Kim Tilley receive Competition Controller Awards

Graham Beagley from Sovereign Judo Club and Kim Tilley from Reading Judo Club have successfully passed their assessments to become British Judo Competition Controllers. 

The award of Competition Controller is the top award for Table Officials and means that Graham and Kim are now able to organise and run all levels of tournaments in the UK. 

The Competition Controller awards represent the culmination of years of training and assessment for Graham and Kim. They started out as Time Keepers before moving up to Competition Recorders and Senior Recorders before their final Competition Controller assessment at the 2015 British Senior and Junior Championships respectively at the EIS, Sheffield. 

5th Dan Kim was mentored by Sharon Cottis and Jean Cleere while Graham a 1st Dan from Reigate was mentored by Sheila Hearsey in preparation for their final assessments. 

Graham started doing judo in 1990 at the age of 34 and was awarded his timekeeper award in May 1992, before progressing onto to Competition Recorder in 1995 and Senior Competition Recorder in 2000. 

“I would like to thank Shelia Hearsey and Alan Rickard of Surrey County for their encouragement and belief that I could pass this assessment. I’d also like to thank all the officials from the Southern Area who have encouraged me along the way”, said Graham. 

Kim first started officiating at competitions in 2008 and had worked her way up to become a Senior Competition Recorder by May 2009. She retired from competing in 2014 to focus on trying to obtain her Competition Controller Award. 

“I was quiet nervous leading up to the assessment”, said Kim “but when I was told that I had passed, I was so pleased – not just for what I had done but also for the people who had helped me over the years. They encouraged me all the way as I felt that I was repaying their faith in me”. 

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