Graeme Maclachlan Tops Glasgow European Open Refereeing Charts

Graeme Maclachlan on home soil stormed to the top of the British Referees at the Glasgow European Open with a personal best ranking score of 7.0.

Keith Merrick (National Refereeing Commission Technical Lead) commended Maclachlan on his performance:”Graeme had an outstanding two days performance and was so good he was selected to referee a final on both days.”

Keith went on to say “Graeme’s refereeing ability has greatly improved at a very impressive rate over the last 4 years and this is a product of Graeme’s considerable hard work, dedication and financial input into his refereeing.

Bill Taggart (Chair of the Commission) also commented “Graeme is a highly valued part of the British IJF referee team and that there is some very healthy competition between continental referees who have qualified in recent years, the standard is rising across the board. British referees are looking better and better over the last 4 years with many producing good performances and being rewarded with creditable selections for major events.”