Grading Review update

Following discussions at the 2014 AGM it was agreed that the grading schemes should be reviewed. In 2015 we conducted three syllabus surveys of the membership and an open consultation where members could provide feedback on any or all of the grading schemes. The response to the grade specific surveys was considerable with over 1,300 returns. The results were then collated by the National Gradings and Promotions Manager for consideration by the Promotions Commission. 

Key Outcomes were: 

  • There was no demand to change any of the syllabus content.
  • There was a high level of satisfaction with the grading schemes.
  • 49% reported that they would be unlikely to grade if they had to compete for their grade.
  • There was little support for Area gradings, with 88% reporting that they would prefer to be graded at their own club.

A number of recommendations, made by the Promotions Commission, were approved by the Board of Directors at meetings on 16th February 2016 and 5th April. The recommendations were also discussed at the Area Director of Examiners meeting on 6th March 2016 with unanimous approval. 

It became apparent during the surveys that there were some misunderstandings on certain grading matters and these will be addressed by the publication of a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document in due course. 

The majority of the changes are administrative in order to make the grading schemes for Mon, Kyu and Dan grades as accessible as possible to all. There will be greater clarification of procedures and more detailed instructions. 

All grading syllabuses will be updated and published together with all associated documentation in May 2016.