Grading Joy For Respect Judo Club in Schools

Respect Judo Club brings judo into schools and other venues in the Northern Region and has recently been granted membership with the British Judo Association.

At a recent Sho grading event, the children at Barnard Castle Prep school were pleased to be able to show off their certificates and new belts.

The parents of one of the boys grading said they “can’t believe how much confidence their son has gained and how much more coordinated he has become” as a result of judo.

As part of the class the children are encouraged to fold their Judogi in the correct way and another parent commented that before coming to Judo their child had now idea about respect and personal tidiness but Judo has given this to them.

“As the coach I am always amazed at how much energy the 5-7 year olds bring to the session. For the warm-up we always start with an energetic game which allows them then to settle into the class and take on the learning of a new Judo skill.” explained Adrian Harding, Respect Judo Head Coach.

“One of the schools I coach in is for children with special support needs mainly associated with autism. When I first started coaching at the school in September I was told it would be a challenge to get the children active and on the mat in bare feet. Well two months down the line there is a waiting list to attend the main session. The fitness and coordination of the children taking part since September has improved and after half-term most should grade 6th Kyu.”