British Judo have recently sought clarity from the Government alongside the Youth Sport Trust and Sport and Recreation Alliance regarding legislation that references supervised child activity being permitted during the second COVID-19 national lockdown.

This provision and reference is conditioned upon other clauses as follows in the government’s legislation:“Out-of-school activities and wraparound childcareOut-of-school activities (including wraparound care) may continue to operate if their primary purpose is providing registered childcare, or where they are offering other childcare activities, where this is reasonably necessary to enable parents to:

  • work or search for work
  • undertake training or education

Out-of-school activities may continue to operate for the purposes of respite care, including for vulnerable children.”

It goes on to say: “All other out of school activities, not being primarily used by parents for these purposes, should close for face-to-face provision for the duration of the national restrictions.”

We continue to lobby alongside other governing bodies for this to change and we continue to monitor the laws and policies.

We will be dealing with clubs who operate within a school on a case by case basis. Contact your local Delivery Officer if you have any questions regarding your current circumstances.

Where exemptions are allowed we will update accordingly.