Benefits to Get Started

Delivery Support Pack: Including a wide variety of example session plans

Marketing Resources Support Pack: Social Media graphic templates with a wide variety of messaging and target group’s designed specifically for beginner’s and to bring engagement to your club

British Judo sign up page unique to your club: Your own signup link and page, you can adapt this URL to turn the sign up page into a QR Code, you can use this QR Code to promote your link on poster’s and other marketing collateral as well as embedding your url link into your club social media profile

Funnelling system: Steering new members to the club via social media, sharing with national and local partners, as part of a recognised/trusted brand to market your club

Please note: You can complete the sign up for your club by filling out the form below. Please allow 7 working days for your club to be visible on the Get Started list for your area

(England based, British Judo Association member clubs only)