GB VI and Adaptive judoka set for Nihon Dutch Open

Saturday sees the GB Judo Para-Potential team compete at the Nihon Dutch Open. The competition will also feature an adaptive competition, with many of the team who recently competed at the Virtus Oceania Asia Games in action.

VI Team

Kirsten Taylor (David Scobie; Tayside JC) leads the VI team following some impressive performances this year which has seen her win silver at the IBSA Nur-Sultan Grand Prix. Taylor finished 4th at the IBSA European Championships before a 7th place finish at the IBSA World Championships earlier this month.

Taylor is joined in the +78kg category by Lesley Reid (Redbridge JC). Reid’s daughter, Emma will be well known to British Judo fans.

Caitlin Leigh (Bacup JC) and Emily Betts (Clacton JC) both compete in the -70kg category.

For the men, Jake Pasquill (Bacup JC) competes in the -46kg category, whilst Murray McConnell (Sportif)and Harry Ashton both fight in the -60kg category. Jacobean Edwards (Cherry Judo Club) will compete in the -66kg category whilst Miles Soloman (Oxford University JC) competes in the -81kgs.

Adaptive Team

Many of the team who competed so well in Australia earlier this month will be in action in Venray.

Skye Westwood (Rush Judo; Matt Rush) will be looking to add another medal to her growing collection. Westwood won gold at the Virtus Oceania Asia Games ahead of teammate Nikki McDermott (South Shields; Joe Foster) who will also be in action in Venray.

Another gold medallist from the Virtus Oceania Asia Games team, Joshuha Hodkinson (SKK; Pete Blood) will compete alongside Thomas Mawdsley (Mill JC; Colin Mawdsley) who won bronze behind Hodkinson.

Following an impressive II debut in Brisbane, Joshua Hughes (Wirral JC; Chris Soakell) will return to the tatami with fellow gold medallist Christopher Murphy (Shettleston; Alex Reid) also in action.

Rowan Kinsella (Bradley Stoke) makes his GB Adaptive debut alongside Daniel Wealleans (Team AS Judo), Arron Bowen-Knowles (Rainhill Rockets), Craig Edwards and Ben Thompson (Retford JC).

Full GB Judo Team

VI Men
-46kg Jake Pasquill
-60kg Murray McConnell
-60kg Harry Ashton
-66kg Jacobean Edwards
-81kg Miles Soloman

VI Women
-70kg Caitlin Leigh
-70kg Emily Betts
+78kg Kirsten Taylor
+78kg Lesley Reid

Adaptive Team
Joshua Hodkinson
Tom Mawdsley
Joshua Hughes
Christopher Murphy
Nikki McDermott
Skye Westwood
Rowan Kinsella
Daniel Wealleans
Arron Bowen-Knowles
Craig Edwards
Ben Thompson

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