2017 England Squad Identification – Pre Cadet, Cadet & Junior

A critical component for the success of English Judo relies on an objective approach to selection, together with a programme of continuous talent development (technical, tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle).

Identification to the England Squad embraces these components utilising the British Judo Ippon League and Junior Ranking system to support this process:

1. Eligibility

To be eligible, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Be Resident in England, born in England or have a parent born in
  • Hold a BJA Licence or a Licence of an affiliated body of judo
  • Hold a British passport
  • Hold a minimum grade of 10th Mon (green belt)
  • Born between 2004 and 1996

2. Routes for identification

There are two routes to identification:

2.1  Primary Identification

The 2017 England Squad for Pre Cadets, Cadets and Juniors will be identified after the British Championships in December 2016 and published by 16th December 2016.

  • The top 3 English pre cadet and cadet players in the Ippon league after the Welsh Open 2016 will automatically gain a place on the England Squad, as long as they have entered and competed at the 2016 British Championships;
  • English Medallist at the 2016 GB Championships, in each weight category, at pre-cadet, cadet and junior will automatically gain a place on the England Squad. Additionally, England players placing 5th (that have won a minimum of 2 contests) will also gain a place.
  • The top 3 English Junior players in the GB Rankings at 1/12/2016 will automatically gain a place on the England Squad. Players that are part of the Full Time GB Academy or WCPP will NOT be part of the England Judo Programme.
  • Year 1 Senior players, who have been part of the England 2016 Junior programme, will automatically gain a place on the England Squad, as a Transitional Player, as long as they have entered and competed at the 2016 British Championships and are not part of the Full Time GB Academy or WCPP.

2.2 Secondary Identification

  • Any additional English pre cadet and cadet players within the top 5 of the ippon league up to and including the Sportif International on 15/04/17 will automatically gain a place on the England Squad;
  • Secondary Identification will consider the following events in 2017:
  • Midland Age Bands (28th & 29th January)
  • England PCAD & CAD Open (4th February)
  • North West Age Bands (25th & 26th February)
  • Sportif International (15th April)

2.3    Co-options onto England Squad

2.3.1 Co-option of Pre Cadet, Cadet and Junior players deemed to be of a suitable level will be considered on an individual basis from 01/04/17 – 30/04/17

2.3.2 In order to be considered for a Co-option the players’ coach will be required to complete and submit the England Programme Co-Option form during the window (01/04/17 – 30/04/17).

2.4    Additional training opportunities:

2.4.1 English players enrolled onto the AASE programme delivered at a British Judo Performance Pathway Centre, who do not meet Primary Identification criteria (2.1) will be invited to train at all England Squad sessions.

2.4.2 Additional invitations to train with the England Squad will be issued by the Coaching Team on an individual basis and not by request.

2.5 Area & Performance Pathway Training

2.5.1 There is an expectation that players will attend a PPC/Excel/Area training session (at least once a month). These sessions will be confirmed at the beginning of January.

2.6 Injury

2.6.1 Whereby a player who has previously been a member of the England National Squad has suffered a long term injury preventing him/her from fulfilling the identification requirements a decision will be made based on previous performances, attendance at England Squads, performance behaviors and future potential.

3. England Squad Training

The 2017 annual calendar will be published by 1st December 2016. This will be updated frequently to reflect any changes in the IJF/EJU Calendar.

In 2017 the England Programme will endeavor to offer more squad training opportunities and will require a commitment from players to attend all sessions.

England Squad trainings will be fixed as much as possible, but may change due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of date changes, we will endeavor to provide updated information as quickly as possible.

3.1       Attendance

Players attendance at squad sessions will be reviewed over two ‘blocks’. The first block operating from January to June, the second block operating from July to December.

Players attendances will be reviewed at the end of each block. Players who have an attendance of 80% or above will be retained on the squad. Players who have missed more than two sessions during that block will not be invited into the second block of training.

3.2 Accepted absences

The following reasons will be accepted as absences and will therefore not be counted as missed sessions:

  • Injury – providing a physio/medical note can be provided
  • Illness – providing a medical note can be provided
  • Competition – where a player is representing England or Great Britain at an international competition (this does not include individual self-funded competitions outside of England calendar activity)
  • Family bereavement
  • Family wedding

3.3 England Squad Fees

In 2017 the England Squad will operate a block fee system, whereby a player commits to attend a full block of training.

Fee’s will be collected at the first squad session of each block.

The dates are as follows:

Block 1

Fees due on: 7th January (Girls), 8th January (Boys)

Block 2

Fees due on: 25th July

The block fee will be £35 payable by cash or cheque.

Cheques should be made payable to British Judo Association.