GB Performance Pathway

Over the last year, in consultation with the Home Nations and led by the GB Performance Pathway Senior Manager, there is now a greater alignment with the HN programmes and GB WCPP to ensure that there is a clear and transparent passage for players to transfer onto the GB WCPP from aged 16 onwards.

The HN’s have been identified as specific stages on the Performance Pathway, with a focussed role of DEVELOPING young players from PRE CADET Level to JUNIOR with the goal of transferring players onto the WCPP. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have identified centres in Ratho, Cardiff and Derry respectively and England have setup 8 Performance Pathway Centres around the country linked to the educational Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme.

HN’s have the opportunity to nominate players, from their respective programmes, twice per year (January and September) for consideration onto the GB Academy programme which aims to prepare players to transition from the HN Programme onto the WCPP on a full time basis.

British Judo Performance Pathway System

The HN programmes and Performance Pathway Centre’s (in conjunction with their Area programmes) will develop players to transition onto the GB WCPP.


Player Pathway Journey

performance pathway pyramid


A player pathway has been developed in conjunction with the HN’s to map out the player journey using six stages from Club to the Olympic and Paralympic Podium programme based at the British Judo Centre of Excellence.

The Home Nations and Performance Pathway Centre’s offer players aged 16 onwards the opportunity to train in a part time/full-time environment.

The England PPC’s at Kendal, Gateshead, Anglia Ruskin, Bath, Ernest Bevin, Midlands and Redbridge deliver the AASE education programme alongside weekly/monthly randori sessions for a wider group of players.

The Home Nation programmes and Performance Pathway Centres play a vital role within the Performance System in DEVELOPING young players to transition up the pathway with the necessary skills in order to move onto a funded WCPP that is based full-time at the British Judo Centre of Excellence.