The Trademarks

The WCPP has invested a considerable amount of time and analysis in determining the various components
of ‘What it Takes to Win’ at Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A key component of the British Judo ‘What it Takes to Win’ model is the Technical Trademarks for Performance Judo, which are as follows :

1. Throw for Ippon


2. Win in Newaza

ne waza

3. Dominate Kumikata


4. Contest Management

Judo Icon 4

5. Fight Without Fear

no fear

The trademarks are based around the players understanding key components. They all have a key throwing technique; a technique that no one can stop. They all have a key ne-waza technique; a technique that no one can stop. The first point of contact is with grips, so they must know how to out-grip their opponent and understand the gripping contest. They must also know how to manage a contest, so understand how to score up, score down and do the right things at the right time. Finally, underpinning these components, players must be able to fight without fear and be prepared to take a risk.

These Trademarks underpin everything the players do on the WCPP and by breaking down the task of improving someone’s judo into specific categories, it becomes easier for both the coach and the judoka to process. Most importantly, by using the trademarks as a way of gauging progress, it also supports the idea that players can be creative, not just robots being ‘told’ what to do when faced with a problem.