The British Judo World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) provides the direction of the performance strategy and supports our Olympic and Paralympic programmes to produce judoka who can compete on the biggest stage.

Our Vision:

Create medal-winning athletes at every Olympic and Paralympic Games

Our Mission:

Establish an inspirational, GB-led British Judo Performance System from Grass Roots to the Olympic and Paralympic podium

British Judo’s WCPP is funded by UK Sport with performance support from the English Institute of Sport (EIS), Cimac and Wolverhampton University.

Based at the British Judo Olympic and Paralympic National Training Centre Centre, the Olympic and Paralympic Programmes are fully integrated and train together on a daily basis and benefit from the same levels of support including world-class coaching, sports science, sports medicine, performance analysis and performance lifestyle.

Fighters on both the Olympic and Paralympic programmes are also developed against our British Judo Trademarks, which have been designed to ensure that all athletes on the WCPP can match the best in the world:

All funded fighters on the WCPP are also divided into three funding strands which is determined every year based on a number of performance factors including results, development against the British Judo Trademarks and commitment to the WCPP:

  • Podium
  • Podium Potential
  • Academy (British Judo specific)

The Olympic Programme works on a four-year cycle with an aim to producing Olympic champions and medallist every four years at the Olympic Games. Elite Performance coaches lead the coaching and delivery of our Olympic programme with support from the Performance team.

In this Olympic cycle British judoka have consistently matched the best players in the world and won medals at European Championships, IJF World Masters, Grand Slam and Grand Prix level.

Our renowned Paralympic Programme is fast becoming a highly-coveted model for success in Visually Impaired (VI) judo. The Paralympic Programme also works to a four-year cycle and is led by the Paralympic Head Coach with support the rest of the Performance team on the WCPP.

With medals in every major championship during this Paralympic cycle our VI judoka are considered among the best in the world.

Sporty and visually impaired or know someone who is? Tell them to try judo!

Did you know…

It’s a Paralympic Sport

It’s the same rules as Olympic Judo – you just start on the grip!

No classification needed to get started

Train with sighted players in any British Judo club

It’s great fun, develops fitness, discipline and confidence

To find out more check out our Guide to VI Judo here, it’s the only one of its kind in judo

If you’d like to register on our talent database then email