Centre Facilities and Support

The Dojo

Housing two Olympic size 10m x 10m contest areas, the sprung floor dojo contains a state-of-the-art and fully interactive performance analysis system providing instant feedback on the dojos large screens.

A strong network of local clubs ensure that fighters training at the Centre of Excellence have access to quality randori on a weekly basis.

Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science

As well as a mat side conditioning area, the Centre of Excllence contains a strength and conditioning suite with a variety of S&C equipment including barbells, dumbbells, battle ropes, weight lifting platforms, prowler sled, Concept 2 rowing machines and a Kaiser Functional Trainer.

A full-time strength and conditioning coach works with the fighters to support their development.AN2U0193The Centre of Excellence also contains dedicated sports massage and physiotherapy rooms with further sports science laboratories located adjacent to the dojo.

The Centre provides state-of-the-art performance analysis facilities for fighters and boasts a full-time Performance Analyst based on site.

Strength and conditioning, integrated with the judo programme and sports science/sports medicine and performance analysis support ensures that the fighters all-round needs are met.


The Centre of Excellence provides residential opportunities with dedicated accommodation, in an ideal location on site adjacent to the dojo. Modern and secure, the accommodation comprises en-suite single rooms with shared dining areas and free wi-fi internet access. A range of additional services are available including on-site shops, catering, laundrette and leisure facilities.accommodation