2018 BJA Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct:

All members of the British Judo Association’s Senior and Junior Squad must agree to abide by the BJA’s Code of Ethics and Conduct as outlined below:


  • Conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to a representative of Great Britain and comply with the rules and bylaws of the BJA.
  • Exercise self‐control, responsible behaviour, consideration of others, courtesy and good manners at all
  • Set a positive example (particularly to young players and supporters) at all times, this includes physical appearance, language and demeanour in public, training, coaching, competing and especially in


  • Always show regard for the best interest of the sport when publicly expressing an opinion of the sport, or any particular aspect of a tournament or


  • Abide by the spirit, as well as the letter, of the rules of
  • Accept the decisions of tournament officials and show respect for these officials at all times, this includes accepting victory and defeat in an appropriate


  • Safeguard the physical fitness of opponents, avoid deliberate injuries and assist injured opponents when
  • Never participate in any practices prohibited by the BJA.
  • Maintain personal habits of health conductive to sporting
  • Strive to maintain the philosophies and traditions of
  • Attend Open National Squad Training (ONST), selected preparation camps, tournaments and meetings punctually, as well as ensuring they are equipped with sufficient, appropriate and acceptable attire to participate


  • Encourage their personal coach to attend Performance activities when invited, passing on all relevant information regarding their programme and development to


  • Comply with all Anti‐Doping rules, regulations and procedures. Further notes
  • Refrain from making any adverse or unjustifiable public statement (whether made as part of a formal interview or not) on ANY media, which is insulting of the BJA and / or its staff (directly employed or contracted), the sport, the BJA’s Commercial Partners, the National Lottery or any of the bodies working to promote high performance sport in the UK, nor to make any public statement which constitutes a “personal attack” upon another sporting


  • Be committed to the attainment of sporting excellence, making every effort to develop their sporting abilities to full potential in terms of skill, technique, tactics and


  • Strive to produce their best possible performance in competition, giving maximum effort at all
  • Manage their weight in a safe and controlled way. Further notes
  • Carry out all reasonable instructions requested by the Performance
  • Meet to the best of their ability, training requirements laid down by Performance Staff, while accepting and responding in a positive manner to any constructive criticism they may


  • As best practice, keep an appropriate diary to record all aspects of their development, to aid reflection and further This can also be used as a communication aid between you and Performance Staff.


  • Fully read any communication circulated by the BJA
  • Keep Performance Personnel fully informed of their whereabouts at events where they are under the jurisdiction of the
  • Abide by all curfew instructions when participating in events which include overnight
  • Abide by BJA’s Alcohol Policy‐ details

The appropriate member of staff/support staff will report all offences deemed to break the Code of Ethics and Conduct to the Performance Director and, depending on the level of the offence, take the appropriate action.



Please refer to the BJA Anti‐Doping rules: https://www.britishjudo.org.uk/wp‐content/uploads/2016/07/Anti‐Doping‐ Rules.pdf


All members of the British squad are encouraged to visit the UK Anti‐Doping (UKAD) and The Global Dro websites to make themselves aware of the latest information around anti‐doping:





You must cooperate fully with the Anti‐Doping programme both in and out of competition, including providing whereabouts information as required.

You must keep the BJA informed of any other personal circumstances that may affect their ability to adhere to the out‐of competition testing programme.

Weight Control:

It is the responsibility of each player to manage their weight in a controlled and safe manner.


It is accepted that players may move up or down weight categories throughout their competitive careers. Where this situation occurs, please ensure a member of the British Coaching team is aware, so that they can work with the player, their club coach and the player’s parents (where appropriate) to assess the most appropriate weight category for the player at any particular time.

The relevant high performance staff may weigh all performance players at squad training sessions. If a players weight causes concern percentage body fat and/or hydration levels may also be assessed.

If a player fails to make weight at the official weigh‐in for a competition, the relevant high performance coach will report this to the Performance Director who will consider the appropriate course of action.


While representing Great Britain, players under the legal drinking age in the country in which the event is being held will not be allowed to drink alcohol at any time.

While representing Great Britain players and members of the support staff team over the legal drinking age in the country in which the event is being held will be required to refrain from drinking any alcohol for the duration of the competition or training period.

The BJA would advise players not to drink at any time during international representation and to drink with moderation during main preparation and competition phases. However, in exceptional circumstances, the designated Team Leader may give permission for players and/or members of the support staff team over the legal drinking age to have a recreational drink, if they so choose.

This permission may only be granted after all of the fights for all of the players in the delegation are completed and/or after all training sessions are completed for the whole team. It would be expected that any alcohol consumed at this time would be in moderation.

Any players or member of the support staff team found to be drinking alcohol during a competition/training camp will be withdrawn from the competition/training camp and, at the discretion of the designated Team Leader, may be sent home and may be required to refund all incurred costs to the BJA.

If a player and/or member of the support staff team become inebriated in the opinion of the designated Leader at a competition/training camp they will be withdrawn from the competition/training camp and at the discretion of the Leader may be sent home. All such incidents must be reported to the Performance Director who will consider evidence and assess the appropriate course of action. Any sanction will be dependent upon the severity of the infringement. All infringements will be treated individually.