This page contains all of the latest policies and information regarding the GB WCPP, GB Squad and Performance Pathway.

All policies are reviewed and updated on a regular basis and specific event selection policies will also be published here.

GB Squad Fighter Code of Conduct:

    GB Squad Fighter Code of Conduct

GB World Class Performance Programme – Policy Documents:

    GB Squad Identification
    GB Judo Athlete Performance Award Policy – Olympic
    GB Judo Athlete Performance Award Policy – Paralympic

GB Forms & Information Documents:

    2022 GB Squad Planner
    2022 GB Performance Team Contacts
    2022 Loco Parentis Form
    2022 ONST Etiquette
    2022 Fighter Expense Claim Form
    2022 GB Anti-Doping Fact Memo
    2022 GB Travel Nutrition Advice
    2022 Sports Nutrition Advice

Personal Programme Documents:

     GB Personal Programme Criteria
     GB Personal Programme Policy
     GB Personal Programme Application Form
     GB Personal Programme 6-week Event Deadline Dates
     GB Personal Programme Coaches Code of Conduct & Agreement
     GB Personal Programme Team Officials Code of Conduct & Agreement

Event Selection Procedures:

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Selection Policy (England Judo) – As of 1st July 2021
    British Judo Selection, Nomination and Deselection “Fast” Appeals Procedure

IJF / EJU Documents:

    Click here for all IJF documentation
    Click here for all EJU documentation

Other Policy Documents:

Athlete Welfare Framework
Refugees Junior & Younger Immigrants Policy
British Judo Association Governing Body Endorsement Requirements
Performance Review Action Plan
2016-17 Quadrennial Performance Review
GB Judo Way Recommendations to Fulcrum Actions