British Judo provide opportunities for all participants to be fully inclusive.  BJA Inclusion, in addition to supporting all minority groups, has the remit to promote judo for all players that through statemented cognitive disorder and or physiological type or infirmity, cannot aspire to the highest levels of the mainstream pathway

One of the pathways British Judo provide is Disability Judo, where all participants who have a disability can be catered for within a club and or competition environment.

Judo clubs provide the beginning to participation in a nurturing and developmental environment building confidence within their own individual ability to achieve progression through grading structure and competitions. Use our Club Finder to find and speak to coaches at local clubs to see what opportunities they have.

Competition Pathway

There are 5 levels that cater for your child/athletes level of ability.  Ranging from athletes with cognitive challenges to physical disabilities.  Full details can be found in the British Judo Association Tournament Handbook (pages 39-51) that identifies the 5 levels of competition categories and Refereeing Rules within Special Needs competitions.

Inclusive for all, participants with disabilities are eligible to enter mainstream events and following British Judo Performance pathways, the Disability pathway has been integrated with the support where required. Click here for more details