Leaving sport or retiring from competition can be a big change and it is widely acknowledged that this can be difficult.

There are resources out there to help with this, here is a brief explanation on why it can be a difficult time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWiPVW1IBVs

The CoE has a Performance Lifestyle Advisor who works with the fighters based there but there are resources and support available to all of our top level fighters via different agencies. Some of our retired fighters over the coming weeks will talk about their experiences with some of these.

Here are some of our favourite pages:

Service Contact
Lane4 Performance

Founded by former British Olympic Swimming Gold medallist Adrian Moorhouse,  they work with global clients across the world to deliver award-winning leadership development, management skills training and transformational change programmes.

Future Smart

Provides support for professional athletes to study for Undergraduate, Masters or Professional Qualifications

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

We know world class athletes are a unique asset to society.

That’s why we harness the unique capabilities of athletes who exhibit the high performing attitudes and behaviours required at that level. With the right training and support, they will deliver a legacy to the community wherever they focus their capabilities. This benefits both athletes and the wider community.

Since the Trust was founded in 2008, we have supported over 600 athletes to successfully transition from their sporting careers.

Switch The Play

The Switch the Play Foundation is the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting all sportspeople to successfully transition into life outside of sport.

Next Step Ready

Whether you’re looking to find the right job, set up your own business or just want to have a great plan for when the time comes, the Next Step READY programme is ideal for you.



Listen to Nekoda Smythe-Davis and why planning for life after sport has given her peace of mind to enjoy her sporting journey:

We recently sat down with Aaron Turner and Tom Reed to discuss their recent transitions out of elite sport and some of the struggles that they faced:

Chris Walker-Hebborn, ex-Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer gives an honest account of his transition


Lizzie Simmonds is one of Britain’s most successful swimmers.

She is a double European Champion, a 13-time British Champion, a double Olympian and a Commonwealth silver medallist – that’s just a short list of her achievements. The 28-year-old retired from the sport back in July 2018 but things have been far from simple since then.

When you’ve lived for most of your life as an elite athlete – chasing targets and aiming to go as fast as you can – there is a massive void to fill when you take it away.

That’s proved to be particularly challenging for Lizzie as she struggled to come to terms with her loss of identity.

Not only that, but the current vice chair of the BOA Athletes’ Commission also admits to struggling with her emotions at competitions – too often she would believe her self-worth as a person was wrapped up with her success in the pool.

In this feature interview Lizzie speaks to Alasdair Hooper all about her life after sport – the identity crisis, the battle with self-worth, and also the challenges of seeing your body change once you retire.

But, through the hardship, the 28-year-old has learnt a lot and she is ready to pass on her knowledge to the next generation.

Click here to listen to her podcast on Spotify



TASS Lifestyle Workbook

Balancing a dual career is hard. We want to give you the tools you need to help with your own personal development. This booklet contains a selection of exercises and resources to help you. The tools can be completed on your own, or as part of your lifestyle sessions.