GB Judo team shine in Venray

This weekend marked a significant milestone within Adaptive Judo as the European Judo Union (EJU) hosted its first Adaptive Judo event in Venray, Netherlands.

The EJU will officially launch Adaptive Judo tournaments under the name ‘EJU Get Together Tour’ in 2024. However, this weekend saw the first test tournament, the EJU Get Together in Venray, in cooperation with the existing Dutch Open Shenshu – Adaptive Judo and VI Judo.

The event happens to coincide with UK Disability Month which aims to break down the barriers that disabled people have faced in society and make a positive change for future generations.

GB Judo was well represented at the event with 28 judoka competing across both the Adaptive and VI categories, winning 20 medals, 8 of which were gold.

Scot Christopher Murphy (Shettleston) faced tough opposition and was heavily tested, although he remained composed and focused to throw all his opponents for ippon to claim the -81kg title.

The -73kg category saw strong representation from the British team with Joshuha Hodkinson (SKK; Pete Blood), Rowan Kinsella (Bradley Stoke; Pete Douglas/Nick Brace), Campbell Brooks (Ray Stevens Academy), Joshua Hughes (Wirrall; Chris Soakell) and Stanley Walker (Rush Judo; Matt and Laurie Rush). Walker fought some tough opposition and placed 5th, standing against some older opposition along with Kinsella, who lost out bronze after a change in the judge’s decision. Hodkinson got bronze in a tough pool, while squad newcomer Brooks also claimed bronze. Compatriot Hughes worked through four contests, each with Golden Score to claim the gold.

Thomas Mawdsley (Mill; Colin Mawdsley) made a quick start with a 6-second ippon to begin his campaign. Mawdsley then drove through the opposition with ippons all the way to claim the -66kg title.

Stuart Jackman (Swindon JC; Lee Adams) in the -100kg category drew the French number one Ifeanyi Oguejiofor in his first round-robin match and despite a strong start was thrown for ippon. Further wins against German and Dutch opponents using his trademark sode-tsurikomi-goshi saw Stuart clawback the silver medal.

Mikey Lomas (Miramar; Andy Parton) led the charge in the +100kg category and despite a loss against the eventual Dutch silver medallist – Lomas regrouped to throw Juergen Van Der Heijen (NED) for a sublime o-soto-gari in the bronze medal contest.

Idris Khan (Huddersfield; Seth Birch) and Arron Bowen-Knowles (SKK/ Rainhill Rockets) are the squads youngest male prospects in the u16 age category and the pair didn’t disappoint claiming the -60kg gold and silver medals respectively.

The girls adaptive team bought home medals with Nikki McDermott (South Shields) edging out teammate Skye Westwood (Rush Judo; Matt and Laurie Rush) in the round-robin match for silver and Westwood claiming a well-earned bronze in the -63kg level 2 category. Saafiya Khan (Huddersfield; Seth Birch) powered her way through all three rounds and won an emphatic gold defeating all competition to take the title.

There were also gold medals for Rebecca Lamb (Clyde JC; Susan Wright), George Light (Solihull) and Marshall Westwood (Rush Judo; Matt and Laurie Rush).

The full results can be found here

GB Judo Results


Rebecca Lamb (Clyde JC; Susan Wright)

George Light (Solihull)

Marshall Westwood (Rush Judo; Matt and Laurie Rush)

Chris Murphy (Shettleston)

Joshua Hughes (Wirrall; Chris Soakell)

Thomas Mawdsley (Mill; Colin Mawdsley)

Idris Khan (Huddersfield; Seth Birch)

Saffiya Khan (Huddersfield; Seth Birch)


Aaron Bowen-Knowles (SKK/ Rainhill Rockets)

Henry Harding (Rush Judo; Matt and Laurie Rush)

Stuart Jackman (Swindon JC; Lee Adams)

Nikki McDermott (South Shields)


Skye Westwood (Rush Judo; Matt and Laurie Rush)

Kyle Jones (Pontarddulais; Andy Burt)

Mikey Lomas (Miramar; Andy Parton)

Joshuha Hodkinson (SKK; Pete Blood)

Campbell Brooks (Ray Stevens Academy)

Francesca Digan (Cambridge)

Hannah Bencer (Leicester)

Mark Kelly


Stanley Walker (Rush Judo; Matt and Laurie Rush)

Rowan Kinsella (Bradley Stoke; Pete Douglas/Nick Brace)

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