Governance Roadshow Frequently Asked Questions

Following the first two weeks of our Governance Roadshow, here are a summary of the most commonly asked questions:

Q: How will the Nominations Panel be formed? Who is monitoring the Panel?

A: There are three Council Representatives who will sit on the panel along with two independent Non-Executive Directors (One of whom will be a Chair). The Panel will them recommended the most suitable candidate to the Board. If the Membership programme is not happy with the Chair at any point, they would have the opportunity to remove them at a General meeting as laid out in the Governance Recommendations.

Q:  Is there a specification for the Chair? We feel that there is a need to release more detail.

A: There is a Job Description and Job Specification which will include more detailed and objective criteria.

Q: What is the balance between Appointed Directors and Elected Directors?

A: There are seven Elected Directors – 4 of whom are elected by Home Country memberships (i.e. Wales Judo will elect the Welsh representative) along with five Appointed Directors. Therefore there is a balance of 7 Elected and 5 Appointed Directors

Q: Why not look to change the way that the membership programme votes (Members vote instead of clubs)?

A: We don’t want there to be an element of “too much, too soon”. The ideal scenario would see a separate consultation to give full justice to all the potential alternatives to membership.

Q: Can the Board change the length of termsof Directors  as happened  prior to the London 2012 Olympics?

A: No, the lengths of the Board members cannot change. Only changes can be made through changing the Memorandum and articles at the EGM and AGM.

Q: Who elects the Council members?

A: Election to the Council does not change its requirements laid out for  each individual, area, Home Country. They have a process to elect a representative from their particular area.

Q: Do all current Board members have to go through the same criteria for Governance selection?

A: No, they are already appointed to the Board, however Board Members are currently going through a training and development programme to help those individuals meet the criteria.

Q: How many clubs are required to vote together to nominate a potential Director to the Board?

A: Five clubs need to come together to attempt to elect a Board Director. It is recommended that votes should come from more than one area.

Q: In terms of the Row of Commissions, what power do they have? What is delegated amongst groups?

A: The Board should be able to delegate more to Panes and Commissions to help the British Judo Association run more smoothly.