British Judo Governance Review

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) 2017 Announced

This Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is being held to discuss the changes to the Memorandum and Articles to meet the UK Sport (UKS) and Sport England (SE) Governance Standards.

This follows extensive consultation with Member Clubs, and a report prepared by Jonathan Hall Associates, taking into consideration the British Judo Strategy, the Hamlin report recommendations and UKS/SE Code of Good Governance. This code has some mandatory elements that National Governing Bodies of Sport and other agencies will need to comply with in order to access and receive public monies.

UKS and SE have stated within the Governance code that they will take the necessary actions with National Governing Bodies to meet the standards, in order to safeguard public funding, therefore it is essential that the Association adopt the recommendations as laid out in the below document.

The Board of British Judo fully supports the Code, which will ensure that the sport has the necessary structures, policies and procedures to govern and manage the sport into the future. The Board has laid out in the below document, the necessary changes that need to be made to the Governing documents of the BJA – the Memorandum and Articles, in order to be able to access public funding for the growth and development of the sport as well as ensure that we have a competitive performance programme to ensure Olympic success.

To support and inform the membership as to the detail and rationale behind the changes, the BJA has conducted an extensive engagement process. This has consisted of:
1. Initial consultation meetings with the Members.
2. Report from Jonathan Hall Associates.
3. Report and proposed amendments to the Memorandum & Articles circulated to all members.
4. Presentation to Club Members at the AGM on 5 November 2016.
5. Development of a specific micro website and communication programme to inform members.
6. 12 area consultation review meetings held across the country detailing the proposed amendments.

It is important that all members and clubs clearly understand the changes and the reasons behind each one which will make British Judo one of the first sports to be compliant with the UKS/SE Governance Code which will ensure continued support and funding from UK Sport and Sport England to Judo and will ensure strong governance and engagement for the members.

All parties are being strongly urged to use their vote either by post or proxy in support of the necessary changes or attend the EGM on the 18 March 2017.

Relevant Documentation:

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Summary of Proposed Amendments

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