We have made some exciting changes within The Dojo which you will notice from this morning:

We are pleased to launch a new Club Finder tool which will make finding your local club a lot easier.

The tool will sync club information directly from The Dojo’s database, so please ensure that all of your club information is maintained and up to date!

You can access the tool now from the Homepage, your Member profile in The Dojo, on The Dojo login page or by clicking here

Club Administrators: For more information about amending your club details on The Dojo, please click here

We have devised a new Resource Library for British Judo members to access through The Dojo.

The Association will upload relevant documents and media for members to read/use throughout their membership. For example, Matside magazine will now be accessed through the Resource Library moving forwards.

Club Members of Staff will be able upload resources for their members to view or read. Please note, that resources uploaded by Club Staff will only be viewable to members registered to their clubs.

The Resource Library is accessible to all valid British Judo members and can be found in the left hand menu of your user profile.

The Dan Grade register has been further enhanced so that you now do not have to log out of The Dojo to access the Register.

A Dan Grade Register tab is now accessible down the left hand side of your menu.