Non-Executive Election

Voting is now open for the British Judo Presidential and Non-Executive Director elections!

As a member of the BJA you have a vital role in helping to shape our future. One of the ways in which you can help to do this is by voting in the election for both the President and an Elected Non-Executive Director. All registered “A” Clubs have the opportunity to submit one vote in election for President and you can submit two votes in the Non-Executive Director election (there are two vacancies).

The role of the President is primarily to act as an ambassador for the sport of Judo and to represent the British Judo Association by attending, when required, World and European events.

You should have received an email this week inviting you to participate in the election.

President Election

There are 3 candidates and you may only vote for ONE candidate.

Candidate 1: Loretta Doyle

“British Judo needs to regain its rightful position as the most dynamic, progressive, inclusive, and competitive nation in the world. Vote for me and as President I will focusses on promoting our sport internationally and within Britain with the aim of restoring GB to the top echelon of Judo.”

“No other candidate has better contacts within the IJF, EJU and Olympic and Commonwealth Committees than I have: personal friendships, strong professional relationships, and a love and passion for Judo. I want to see a British International Premier IJF Grand Prix event: I will work to achieve this during my term.”

Candidate 2: Rowena Birch

“It’s not about me!

 It’s not just about medals!

When life throws you flat on your back, Judo gives you the tools to get back up. Judo improves us all as people and brings communities together. The commitment and passion you give to your club tells me that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

It’s been a hard year, but our dojo doors back open. I will be out there shouting about Judo, helping people understand our sport, driving them into our clubs, supporting you, the true leaders at the heart of British Judo.”

Candidate 3: Colin Draycott

“I have 66 years of experience and still believe that club judo is the foundation of world judo; clubs produce champions with teachers, coaches and helpers. I started judo in 1956, I was a pioneer in my area – my first club, I made the mats with sawdust.”

“Some years ago, I started the BJA Trust and became patron which I funded for several years to help clubs and individuals. My phone is 24/7 for any club to contact with any problem, queries or for help”

Elected Non Executive Director

There are 3 candidates and 2 vacancies so you may vote for up to TWO candidates.

Candidate 1: Ben Quilter

“I am a passionate & enthusiastic Judoka aspiring to make a difference in all that I’m involved in. With 32 years’ experience within our great sport, half of which were spent as a World-Class Performance Athlete competing at multiple VI World and European Championships & two Paralympic Games, winning a bronze in London 2012.

Now, with a further 5 years’ experience within elite sport I feel I can give back and contribute to the growth & development of British Judo using the insight & knowledge from my own judo experiences and that of other NGB’s I have worked within.”

Candidate 2: Paul Ajala

“I have a long history in Judo. During the 80’s I was British Champion and National Squad member, competing internationally. I am now a professional coach, teaching judo in schools, and my own community club. I understand judo, both at high and grassroots levels. I have a MA in Management Practice working in factory management, at both shop floor and Board level.

I owe no special loyalty or have conflicts of interest. My integrity and sole allegiance are to the true spirit of judo. My only interest is in using my management skills, and judo experience, to improve British Judo.”

Candidate 3: Dave Clarke

“This is arguably the most important election in the BJA’s history. My experience as a former Director of the BJA and the skills I have developed during my career in local Government mean I can help British Judo navigate its way out of the pandemic. As an Area Chair and Club Coach I know that grassroots judo is the lifeblood of our sport.

I will therefore ensure that all areas, clubs, and members are equitably represented and that the decisions I take are representative of and in their best interests. Together we can make our Association strong again.”

By voting in this election you can help elect the people you think have the skills, knowledge, experience and drive to help run our British Judo Association.

To vote, please click below and input your unique security code (emailed to you this week). This code will authenticate your visit to the secure voting site.  Once in the site you can view the candidate’s statements and cast your vote.

This election will close on: Friday, 22 October 2021 at 5pm

For further information, please email UK Engage at

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