East Anglian team league

Update February 16

The first six entries to the new exciting concept of club team league judo have already been received and they will form Division One of the League. The next six entries received will form Division Two.

Remember there is no restriction on guest players provided they have IJF affiliated licences and clubs do not need to name their players until the morning of the event. With two months until the closing date we have been amazed at the speed of the entries which demonstrates the desire to establish an annual Team League.

We are looking for another two divisions of men’s leagues and one division of ladies. With the entries already received this event will definitely take place and the teams already entered are now guaranteed five league matches against other clubs on Sunday the 8th May. Get your entries in early please, entry forms and rules are on the BJA website

Thanks to Denise Oates from the Eastern Area for providing the write-up below

On Sunday May 8th the Eastern Area will run a Club Team league at Breckland Leisure Centre in Thetford.

We have attempted to model the event on the Belgium National Team League system but on a smaller scale and it is intended to run this event every year in May.

There will be divisions of 6 teams with promotion and relegation on an annual league basis, assuming we have sufficient entries to form more than one division. The first entries received will form the top division and after the first 6 teams have entered division 2 will be formed, any club who would like to start in division 2 could then be accommodated.

We have the capacity to run the event on 4 mats so we can take the maximum of 24 teams if necessary. The earlier the entry the more chance of a Division One place. The rules of the event are outlined in the entry form on the BJA web site.

There are no restrictions on guest players which gives club coaches the opportunity of liaising now with each other to form teams.

We see this as a new innovation for developing judo in Britain and with the exciting prospect of Team Judo in the 2020 Olympics a great opportunity to sample the excitement of Club League judo. Only with your support can we kick start this league which despite the title East Anglian Team League is open to everyone in the UK.

If you have any further questions please contact denisemargaretoates@gmail.com