DiSE Programme Venues: Redbridge

Ahead of this weekend’s application deadline for this year’s Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) course, we will be shining a light on the Performance Pathway Centres that will be hosting the students.

The programme runs from six Performance Pathway Centres within England and will offer the opportunity for players to increase their weekly training volume while working towards a vocational qualification that is now recognised by UCAS. DISE is designed to support and complement a player’s club and area training.

We start off with Bill Taylor at Redbridge Judo Club, as he explains how the programme has changed at Redbridge this year:

“This September, we will be launching a new format for the DiSE programme and it’s students training at Redbridge Judo Club.”

The new format will provide a wider opportunity to train for the students and increase their mat time. The practical sessions will now take place on a monthly basis and will be flexible to cater for squad training and competitions outside of the course.”

The training sessions have been scheduled for a weekend to ensure that there are no college timetable clashes.

Sessions will include a combination of technical and tactical training, video analysis, strength and conditioning, circuit training and randori.

Weekly Google Classroom and Zoom video conferences will supplement the students time away from the mat and check on progress.

If you have any questions about the course, why not read our Frequently Asked Questions to see if these will answer your enquiry.

To download an Expression of Interest form, please click here

Redbridge Judo Club now has just a two spaces left for their September 2021 intake!