Densign White takes to the mat at Police Coaching Revalidation

The Police Sport UK (PSUK) Judo and Welsh Judo Association held a coaching revalidation event at the Welsh Institute For Sport (WIS) on Saturday 25 October, where former BJA chairman Densign White was the guest coach.

The course was led by Chris Hunt PSUK Director of Coaching and Andy Moss PSUK Coach, and was supported by PSUK National Commission members Darren Dean, Matthew Clempner, Andy Grand and Jason Moore, plus Andy Frudd from the Welsh Judo Association.

The event attracted over fifty coaches seeking revalidation and a further thirty judoka looking to improve their technical skills.

Fresh from his coaching overseas with the EJU and IJF, Densign brought a new approach to teaching grassroots judo, in particular to the new and kyu grade players.

The course was one of two PSUK run each year nationally to support BJA members and its coaches and for
members who wish to improve their knowledge and technical ability.