Dan Grade Promotions – March 2020

Moving into the Dan grades is a special moment that all judoka will treasure. Whether a lifetime goal or a happy co-incidence of hard work and dedication to the sport of judo, Dan grade promotions deserve to be recognised.

At the end of each month, we will publish the names of all judoka promoted to 1st Dan and above. If you achieve a grade promotion (either Mon, Kyu or Dan) in the next month please send in your grading photos and we will publish them alongside the new gradings next month!

Send in your photos to communications@britishjudo.org.uk or share them with us on our Facebook page or on twitter.

Name Club Area Date of Promotion Type of Promotion
To 1st Dan
Paul Frankland No Club Stated/Registered Northwest 23rd February 2020 T
Ammi Takahashi Ealing Judo Club NHC 6th March 2020 IJF
Daniel Price Manchester University JC B.U.J.A 9th December 2019 P
Lloyd Andrews Simply Judo NIJF 3rd March 2020 E
Kevin Pearce No Club Stated/Registered Army 2nd November 2019 P
Josh Stoneman Battlehill Judo Club Northern 6th March 2020 P
David Ingleby Burnley Judo Club Northwest 7th March 2020 E
John Jacques Leigh Judo Club Northwest 7th March 2020 E
Liesbeth Huddart Paddock Wood Youth & Judo Club Southern 31st March 2020 T
Jack Raklander Devizes Judo Club Western 15th March 2020 P
Wayne Rowland Lakeside Judokwai WJA 4th April 2020 T
Thomas Gohl 61 Judo Club NHC 24th February 2020 T
To 2nd Dan
Joshua Bell Bishops Stortford Judokwai NHC 14th December 2019 P
Samuel Westlake Quayside Judo Club Western 12th February 2020 P
Ron McGowan North West Judo Academy NIJF 11th February 2020 P
Steven Creaser Bushido Judokwai Ford Midlands 24th November 2019 P
Nicholas J Costiff Ivybridge Judo Club Western 23rd February 2020 T
Jack Downey Budokwai London 7th March 2020 P
To 3rd Dan
Gary David Mitchell Kangei Judo Club NHC 15th March 2020 T
To 4th Dan
John Horrigan Bangor University Judo Club WJA 24th February 2020 T
David Gibson Infin 8 Judo JudoScotland 23rd February 2020 T
To 6th Dan 
Stanley Cantrill Irfon Judo Club WJA 25th February 2020 BOD
E Examination (line up)
P Accumulation of 100 points
T Technical
TC Technical conversion
EC Competitive conversion
IJF IJF conversion
BOD Board of Directors