Moving into the Dan grades is a special moment that all judoka will treasure. Whether a lifetime goal or a happy co-incidence of hard work and dedication to the sport of judo, Dan grade promotions deserve to be recognised.

At the end of each month, we will publish the names of all judoka promoted to 1st Dan and above. If you achieve a grade promotion (either Mon, Kyu or Dan) in the next month please send in your grading photos and we will publish them alongside the new gradings next month!

Send in your photos to or share them with us on our Facebook page or on twitter @BritishJudo.

Name Club
To 1st Dan
Adam Law Yamarashi Judo Club
Adrian Harding Koizumi Judo Club Darlington
Andries Pretorius Zodiac Judokwai (Hastings)
Anna Peters Manchester University JC
Barry Wilson Titan Judo
Billy Rodman Hibari-Kan Judo Club
Cameron Foster Highland Budokan Judo Club
Charlotte Beirne Hardy Spicer 83 Judo Club
Christi-Rose Pretorius Zodiac Judokwai (Hastings)
Cian Grace Furness Judo Club
Daniel Soule Kookateki
David Partington Blackpool Keidokwai
Faye Brennan Wirral Judo Club
Greig Porteous Edinburgh Judo Club
Isaac Broomfield Vale Judo Club
James Reseigh Vale Judo Club
James Scanlan Tokei Judo Club
Joey Low St Andrews University Judo Club
José Mario Portela Budokwai
Justin Joon Kong Goh Stratford Judokwai
Kelly Petersen-Pollard Hardy Spicer 83 Judo Club
Kenneth Kirkwood Cluarankwai Judo Club
Kirsty Marsh Destination Judo @ Dunfermline
Lisa Giambra Samurai Judo Club
Luke Giller Rochdale Judo Club
Lyle Donald Destination Judo @ Glenrothes
Nikita Tokarev
Oliver Green
Olivia Murtagh-Smith United Judo (Bexleyheath)
Paddy Lish Rush Judo
Sam Campion Swinton Judo Club
Thomas Leadlay Wirral Judo Club
Victoria Taylor Leigh Judo Club
To 2nd Dan
Benjamin Jackson Redbridge Judo Club
Brandon Spence Gateshead Judo Club
Ernest Hooper Hillingdon Judo
Jack Purllant Black Dog Judo Club
James Hucker Midsomer Norton Judo Club
Peter Hayward Pontarddulais Judo Club
To 3rd Dan
Cezar Voicu Stratford Judokwai
Jeffrey Hill Scorpion Judo Club
To 4th Dan
Gordon McCathie Ultimate Judo