Dan Grade Promotions – July 2019

Moving into the Dan grades is a special moment that all judoka will treasure. Whether a lifetime goal or a happy co-incidence of hard work and dedication to the sport of judo, Dan grade promotions deserve to be recognised.

At the end of each month, we will publish the names of all judoka promoted to 1st Dan and above. If you achieve a grade promotion (either Mon, Kyu or Dan) in the next month please send in your grading photos and we will publish them alongside the new gradings next month!

Send in your photos to communications@britishjudo.org.uk or share them with us on our Facebook page or on twitter.

Name Club Area Date Type of Promotion
1st Dan
Douala Sosso Georges Augustin Kodokwai Judo Club Northern 18th June 2019 E
Kieran Kelly Dynamic Judo Southern 30th June 2019 P
Christopher Bell Wymondham Judo Club Eastern 26th June 2019 E
Robert Morgan Harlow Judo Club NHC 23rd June 2019 E
Cameron Joseph Bradley Tonbridge Judo Club Southern 27th January 2019 E
Joshua Charles Whitehouse Go Judo WJA 27th June 2019 E
Leanne Teresa Baker Paddock Wood Youth and Judo Club Southern 2nd June 2019 T
Ciaran Ronayne-Dubock United Judo (Bexley Heath) JudoScotland 30th June 2019 P
Gareth Piper No Club State/Registered WJA 9th March 2019 P
Joseph Carpenter Wolverhampton Judo Club Midlands 26th June 2019 E
Robert Jordan Rakukan Judo Club Northwest 20th April 2019 E
Andrew Taggart Shinsei Judo Club NIJF 6th June 2019 T
Russell Gower Yoshin Ryu Judo Club Southern 16th July 2019 P
Mia Katib Haltemprice Judo Club Y&H 6th July 2019 P
Dmitry Vaskovskyi Witley Judo Club Southern 7th July 2019 P
Suzanne Maren Stafford Judo Club Midlands 12th April 2019 T
Herculas Pretorius Tonbridge Judo Club Southern 8th July 2019 E
Peter Gould Witley Judo Club Southern 7th July 2019 P
Oren Somers-Baines TNJC (Tony Newton Judo Club) Southern 7th July 2019 P
Nicole Watson East Kilbride JC JudoScotland 8th July 2019 P
Bernat Galiana Gonzalez Japan Arts Centre Police Sport UK Judo Western 10th July 2019 IJF
Joseph Wendrich Sanshirokwai WJA 11th July 2019 E
Oliver Zair Camberley Judo Club London 14th July 2019 P
Connor Gordon Yoshin Ryu Judo Club London 24th February 2019 E
Louis Bird Metro Judo Club London 14th July 2019 E
Remziye Toprak Metro Judo Club London 14th July 2019 E
David Taylor Metro Judo Club London 14th July 2019 P
Andrew Dicker Walderslade Judo Club Southern 12th June 2019 P
Ashley Amos Caerphilly Cougars Judo Club Wales 30th April 2019 E
Daniel Gibbons United Judo (Bexley Heath) Southern 13th July 2019 E
Mason Whitelaw Jidel Judo 93 JudoScotland 14th June 2019 E
Tomi Imrie Jidel Judo 93 JudoScotland 6th July 2019 P
Ryan Doyle The Vale School of Judo Midlands 28th July 2019 E
Kieran Robertson EGH Judokan WJA 5th June 2019 E
Oliver Charlton Osprey Judo Club Eastern 25th July 2019 E
Ben Sambrook Cambridge University Judo Club Eastern 7th August 2019 E
Kevin Ruggins Tatsfield Martial Arts Southern 3rd August 2019 E
Adam Mee Yoshin Ryu Judo Club Southern 28th July 2019 E
Adam Vosper South Brent Judo Club Western 28th July 2019 E
Rory Tyrrell Vale Judo Club Midlands 28th July 2019 P
Rory Tyrrell Vale Judo Club Midlands 28th July 2019 T
2nd Dans
Andreas Burr Judo Club Osaka Southern 7th July 2019 P
Lucy Williams Judo Club Osaka Southern 30th June 2019 P
Michael Mensah Moberley Judo Club London 30th May 2019 P
Ion Fiodor Ealing Judo Club London 3rd July 2019 P
Harri Evans O’Oshimeyo Judo Club WJA 2nd July 2019 P
Fiona Chan Camberley Judo Club Southern 14th July 2019 P
Neil Butterfield Keswick Judo Club Northern 11th June 2019 T
3rd Dans
Roberto Beltran Semant Budokwai London 2nd July 2019 IJF
James Lewis Rainham Judo Club Southern 6th April 2019 P
6th Dans
Alan Lingham Canterbury Judokwai Southern 18th June 2019 BOD
Roy Charles Muller Samurai Judo Club Midlands 18th June 2019 BOD
Antony John Devine Judo Excellence Y&H 18th June 2019 BOD
Peter George Salter Dowty Judo Club Western 18th June 2019 BOD


E Examination (line up)
P Accumulation of 100 points
T Technical
TC Technical conversion
EC Competitive conversion
IJF IJF conversion
BOD Board of Directors