Dan Grade Promotions – July 2022

Moving into the Dan grades is a special moment that all judoka will treasure. Whether a lifetime goal or a happy co-incidence of hard work and dedication to the sport of judo, Dan grade promotions deserve to be recognised.

At the end of each month, we will publish the names of all judoka promoted to 1st Dan and above. If you achieve a grade promotion (either Mon, Kyu or Dan) in the next month please send in your grading photos and we will publish them alongside the new gradings next month!

Send in your photos to communications@britishjudo.org.uk or share them with us on our Facebook page or on twitter.

Name Club Area Date of Promotion Type of Promotion
To 1st Dan
Daniel Tipper Miramar Judo Club Y&H 2nd July 2022 P
Sophie Wood Sportif – Tranent Judo Scotland 17th June 2022 P
Luke Thompson Sportif – Melrose Judo Scotland 17th June 2022 P
Paul Williams Mold Judo Club WJA 13th June 2022 T
Charlotte Hay Bradley Stoke Judo Club Western 2nd July 2022 P
Eben Jones AJ Judo Centre Midlands 10th July 2022 P
Adam James Gregory Wirral Judo Club Northwest 10th July 2022 E
William Andrews Sheffield Judo Club Y&H 5th July 2022 P
Alexander Lennon Samurai J C Midlands 12th June 2022 E
Rhys Williams Imperial Judo Club WJA 12th June 2022 E
Benjamin Latchford Stroud Judo Club Western 12th June 2022 E
Megan Skillern Samurai J C Midlands 10th July 2022 P
Jason Sweeten Sportif Coatbridge Judo Scotland 12th June 2022 P
Frances McManus Irvine Judo Club Judo Scotland 1st May 2022 T
Oskar Shorthose Combat Judo Club NIJF 6th July 2022 E
Jude Sanderson-Browne Combat Judo Club NIJF 6th July 2022 E
Daniel Ede Westcroft Judo Club (Nork) Southern 10th July 2022 P
Jesse Foderingham Thompson Ippon Judo Club Northwest 16th July 2022 E
Julian Catto John Dearden Judo Club Eastern 16th July 2022 P
Lucia Santariello Witley Judo Club Southern 16th July 2022 P
Jay Cronshaw Bredakwai Judo Academy Northwest 16th July 2022 P
Chris Harris Bradley Stoke Judo Club Western 12th March 2022 E
Hamish Weir Core Judo Academy NHC 2nd July 2022 P
To 2nd Dan
Craig Edwards No Club Stated WJA 26th June 2022 T
Acelya Toprak Metro Judo Club London 25th June 2022 P
Jade Savory Wolverhampton Judo Club Midlands 10th July 2022 E
Kevin Ruggins Tatsfield Martial Arts Southern 9th April 2022 T
Max Gregory Drake Judo Club Western 25th June 2022 P
Samuel Petgrave Westcroft Judo Club Southern 10th July 2022 P
Darren Hawney Relentless Judo London 28th April 2022 P
Laura Allen Bedford Judo Club NHC 16th July 2022 P
Carol Walker Iruka Judokwai NHC 13th April 2022 T BOD
James Boyle Samurai Judo Club WJA 1st April 2019 E
To 3rd Dan
Stuart McWatt Garioch Judo Club Judo Scotland 25th June 2022 P
Damien Dieulangard Windsor Judo Club NHC 1st July 2022 E
Graeme Skelley Dorking Judo Club Southern 2nd July 2022 T
Stephen Abberley Dragons Judo Academy WJA 10th July 2022 E
Oliver Whiteside Bedfordshire Dragons Judo Club NHC 10th July 2022 P
To 4th Dan
Gemma Howell Wolverhampton Judo Club Midlands 25th June 2022 P
Matthew Sexton Westcroft Judo Club (Nork) Southern 10th July 2022 P
Barry Walker Iruka Judokwai NHC 13th April 2022 T BOD
Judy Maslen Yate Star Judo Club Western 6th July 2022 T
To 5th Dan
Steven James Crowley Stotfold Judo Club NHC 21st July 2022 T
Christopher St John Holywood Judo Club NIJF 23rd July 2022 T
To 6th Dan 
Alec Keith Edwards Cambridge University Judo Club B.U.J.A 23rd June 2022 BOD
E Examination (line up)
P Accumulation of 100 points
T Technical
TC Technical conversion
EC Competitive conversion
IJF IJF conversion
BOD Board of Directors