We will be constantly updating this page with useful answers to common questions that members and clubs have:

What will happen to events and competitions?

With judo training returning for all age groups this month, we would like to bring you further advice regarding the restart of competitions and events.

Our Events team have been working hard behind-the-scenes, and have a devised a strategy for the remainder of the 2021 to allow members to return to competitive action safely.

The advice has been collated following feedback from various stakeholders in the community, our Performance team and our Insurers. The structure and process has been devised considering the various stages of our return to judo following the lockdown periods. This has resulted in the different levels of competition being available to members under the age of 18, before opening up to senior members.

Key Dates:

Under 18s:

Not before 19th July – Level 1 and Level 2 competitions for Under 18s
Not before 16th August – Level 3 and above competitions for Under 18s

Over 18s

Not before 30th August – Level 1 and Level 2 competitions for Over 18s
Not before 27th September – Level 3 and above competitions for Over 18s

Competing too quickly after such a long break can result in serious injury so to help minimise this issue, our Events team are requesting that you complete a Training Log to ensure that you complete the relevant number of training sessions before competing.

If you have any questions regarding a safe return to events and competitions, please contact our Events team at events@britishjudo.org.uk

Click to download our guidance for clubs and event volunteers below:

A Safe Return to Competitions and Events Guidance – July 2021

Training Log

What will happen with my Coaching Qualification and Coaching Revalidations?

For each member who has an expiry date for the above courses between now and the end of June, we have added a three-month extension onto your expiry date to allow you additional time to book onto a relevant course once they are running again.

If you have any questions about your Coaching award, please contact coaching@britishjudo.org.uk

Will I receive an extension to my membership for the time missed?

If you kept your membership up-to-date throughout the lockdown period, we have extended your membership twice, most recently in April 2021.

All members that renewed their licence over the past twelve months (between the dates of the first lockdown on 18th April 2020 through to 18th April 2021 will receive a four-month extension as a way of us saying thank you for supporting the Association. The extensions will take place over the coming days, meaning that members who have kept their membership valid for the whole of the lockdown period will have received a maximum of eight months extension in total.

When will we be able to return to judo?

Following the publication of Sport England’s FAQs, we are delighted that all current restrictions on our sport are set to expire on Monday 19th July!

This will allow members aged 18+ to return to their dojos and participate in contact judo sessions with no restrictions on numbers.

While this is excellent news for our sport, the danger of Covid is still prevalent in our communities. With rising numbers across the country, we would like to express caution when returning to the sport – we are sure that everyone can’t wait to feel the tatami under their feet once again!

Here is a brief overview of the Government’s recent announcement:

  • Full contact judo allowed for adults and under 18’s.
  • No legal restrictions indoors or outdoors for participants or spectator numbers
  • No capacity caps for club sessions or events
  • No travel restrictions
  • Facemasks no longer legal requirements, however, consider face masks in confined space
  • QR Codes no longer legally require, however, clubs/event organisers are still encouraged to display and use these as it supports test & trace and self-isolation which remains. From 16 August 21, people who are double vaccinated  will not be required to self-isolate
  • Individuals who decide to attend international competition need to follow government guidelines for travel abroad

To aid a safe return for all members, we devised a short list of recommendations for clubs and members alike:

British Judo clubs and event organisers are recommended to ensure participant, volunteer and spectator safety as follows:

  • A risk assessment must be conducted to inform health and safety requirements and ensure a safe venue capacity
  • Ensure signage is clear if clubs would like to create a safe distance between people and direct traffic flow
  • Continue with health & safety cleaning regimes and ensure hand washing/ hand sanitising facilities are available
  • Consider face masks, if space is confined in crowded venues
  • Minimise unnecessary contact (e.g. handshaking etc.) and sharing of water bottles
  • Recognise that people/carers with underlying health conditions or disabilities may be anxious about returning to judo activity and their needs should be catered for sensitively
  • Ensure anyone entering competition or National Dan Gradings have participated in judo training for a minimum of 6 weeks (or 10 hours) and fit enough to compete
  • Respect any guidelines that clubs would like to adhere to upon returning to the Dojo.
  • Clubs must complete the BJA ‘Club Declaration Form’ before commencing session delivery for Junior and Seniors.

Please note: These are British Judo recommendations and not a legal requirement

If you are planning a return to judo on Monday 19th July, we would like to remind you to ensure that your membership is valid and renewed where necessary to ensure you are insured during any training session.

We would like to thank you for your patience over what has been a very difficult past 18 months for all members, clubs and the Association.

I missed one of your online webinars. Can I access a digital recording of the presentations?

All of our online webinars can be accessed via the “Safe Return To Judo” web page.

Will my BJA membership cover me for outdoor training/training at home via Zoom whilst I cannot train at my club?

Yes – as long as the club follows the Government guidelines. This has been authorised by our insurers too.

Will gradings be on hold or adapted to the new conditions?

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown periods of 2020, British Judo have been allowing clubs to offer their members a one-off free grading.

This has allowed members to continue their judo journey despite the complications that the pandemic has forced upon our sport.

This initiative is due to end on 31st December 2020, so please ensure that any gradings you intend to complete are submitted before this date.

Any gradings received following this date, will be charged at the standard price.

Just because the club has signed your protocol, doesn‘t mean they’ll abide by them. Will you publish the protocols on the BJA website so parents can make sure clubs are compliant.

The guidelines have and will be continue to be shared with clubs. These can also be found on our Covid-19 Hub. All clubs will be asked to sign a declaration to say they will abide by government and BJA guidelines. They have also been asked to inform parents of what to expect.

Will I need to complete an Athlete Indemnity Form each time I train?

Yes, once the Dojos are allowed to open, it is vital that you complete the indemnity form for each session as your health conditions can change very quickly upon displaying any side effects of Covid-19.

British Judo have teamed up with Proactive to provide our clubs with an exclusive offer for a Digital Covid-19 Symptom Checker.

The Proactive Digital Covid-19 Symptom Checker provides a simple, digital application to enable Club Administrators and Coaches a quick and easy platform to manage their member’s self-assessment prior to every training session. The app can be used to replace the British Judo Indemnity Form that members currently fill out each session, or it can be used alongside.

Coaches have access to a group dashboard showing completed checks as well as notifications in the event that a member is recorded as showing symptoms or restricted from participation.

Government guidelines state in relation to ‘Pre-attendance official symptom check’ that…

“All players, officials, and volunteers…must undergo a self-assessment for any COVID-19 symptoms. No-one should leave home to participate in sport if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID -19 currently recognised as any of the following…”

Click here for more information

Do we have to clean mats between sessions if running 2 or more sessions in a day?

Yes – you will be required to clean the mats between each session.

We’re concerned about the financial impact of closing our club for an unknown period?

We are very aware that closing for this extended period could cause financial concerns for some clubs. As the situation becomes clearer, we will be working to signpost any funding or advice which could help your club.  In the meantime, if this applies to your club, please contact clubs@britishjudo.org.uk to let us know.