British Judo, in collaboration with highly experienced Competition Controllers and Referees across the country, would like to help our membership to refine their knowledge ahead of a potential “return” to events in 2021.

The online courses consist of three modules each and is open to all corners of the Association whether you are an athlete, coach or volunteer.

Technical Officials

It may seem that competition in the form that we all know and love is some considerable time away right now, but British Judo would like to help refresh officials minds on the fundamentals, whilst at the same time covering some subtle changes that have been approved by NCTOC and documented in the 2020 update of resource materials.

The full documentation package has been revised to bring British Judo up to date with current practices, and to explain some of these changes we have very experienced Competition Controllers offering their expertise. The refresher modules will cover most of the basics, however, more pressing questions on the same subjects may be asked for clarification at the end of the presentations.

The three modules will be held on the following dates:

2nd December 2020 (19:00-20:30) – The basics – Understanding the Timekeeper and Selected Contest Recorder duties

20th January 2021 (19:00-20:30) – Recording Results – Pools, Simple Knockout, Legend Use, Simple result challenges and more

17th February 2021 (19:00-20:30) – Competition Methods and Management – Pools to Knock Out, Athlete placements, Out of competition Scenarios, Weigh In and more

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Contest Rules

British Judo in collaboration with highly experienced referees from around the country, would like to help the membership to tune their knowledge of the contest rules in line with current IJF guidelines. It is anticipated that these refresher modules will be suitable for competitive athletes, competitive coaches and referees.

As with the Technical Officials, it may seem that competition in the form that we all know and love is some considerable time away right now, but British Judo would like to help refresh the minds of the membership on the fundamental principles of contest decision making. It is envisaged that athletes, coaches and referees will benefit from these modules, it is hoped that attendees will acquire subtle contest management tips that may help them with a higher percentage of those really tight matches.

Contest Rules are under continual review by the IJF in an effort to make our sport more dynamic, attractive and enjoyable to more people. However, if any of us have difficulty understanding the current interpretations, it has quite the opposite effect as we don’t understand the results, so refreshers are highly recommended. The refresher modules will cover most of the changes in this Olympic period, and other pressing questions on the same subjects may be asked for clarification at the end of the presentations.

The three modules will be held on the following dates:

9th December 2020 – Scoring in different scenarios

27th January 2021 – Osaekomi, Inside/Outside, Mate and scoring

23rd February 2021 – Grips, Joint Locks, False Attack and Edge penalty

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Introducing ReActivate – a new, free, training platform for coaches and volunteers

As we move out of lockdown and towards a return to grassroots and community sport and physical activity, we wanted to let you know about a new, free, digital training platform designed to equip anyone working or volunteering in sport and physical activity in England with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently restart.

ReActivate has been funded by Sport England, commissioned by CIMSPA and delivered by a consortium of partners with extensive experience in online training in the physical activity sector, led by Future Active Workforce CIC.

It will provide online, customisable training content – covering areas including risk management, social distancing, cleaning and use of equipment; along with refresher training and Covid-specific procedures. It will bring government and industry guidance to life in an easily digestible format and will generate a CIMSPA ‘Covid Awareness Training’ certificate on completion, giving anyone who needs it the ability to return with confidence to their sport and physical activity roles.

ReActivate has been designed with everyone in mind – those running fitness and leisure  facilities, professional coaches and trainers, grassroots and community volunteers.

The platform goes live on 16 July and will be free to use for 12 months for anyone working or volunteering in the sport and physical activity sector in England.

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UK Coaching Launch Virtual Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop

In response to the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in, UK Coaching has created a Virtual Classroom session out of their existing Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) face to face workshop.

They are doing this with full support from the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and recognise that this is an interim development borne out of difficult times.

Each two-hour UK Coaching Virtual Classroom is being facilitated exclusively by a team of UK Coaching-accredited tutors experienced in delivering safeguarding workshops.

Following successful trials, the BJA have decided that all coaches whose SPC expired this year, who have currently been given an extension until the end of June, may complete the Virtual Classroom SPC course to enable them to be ready to coach as soon as lockdown ends.

Equally, any further coaches whose SPC expires during the continued lockdown, may also take advantage of this. The coaching team at Head Office will be in touch with a number of other coaches who may also benefit from this. If you are uncertain if you can take advantage of this, please contact the BJA Safeguarding Manager at

The virtual classroom courses will be reviewed further once the date for the end of lockdown is clearer

If you wish to discuss anything further, you can e-mail their workshop booking team on

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We are all living through an extraordinary time, so first and foremost, we hope you and those you care about are keeping safe and well. While facing so much uncertainty, one thing we want to make sure of is that British Judo will rise again and we look forward to starting back as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we want our clubs to keep in contact with their members and, where possible, to encourage them to stay active and engage them in judo activities.

We recognise that many judoka would have been preparing for their next grade but were unfortunately not able to complete the process before lockdown commenced and social distancing implemented. There is also recognition that many members will be trying to remain active and may find working towards a grading motivational.

With these factors in mind, the BJA are relaxing the rules and allowing clubs the option of grading their members remotely during lockdown. There will be no grading fee, and only one grade will be allowed, e.g. 3rd Mon to 4th Mon etc.and the time in grade will be waived.

Therefore, with immediate effect, all coaches that are authorised to carry out Mon and Kyu gradings may now grade their Mon and Kyu grade players by one grade only during this unprecedented period resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. It will be up to the coach what preparation the member needs to complete and how to carry out the grading assessments.


There is NO grading fee!


Only one grade will be allowed, e.g. 3rd Mon to 4th Mon etc. The time in grade requirement will be waived. The coach must first ascertain the current grade as registered on The Dojo.

Submitting The Grade

The grading can be recorded in one of two ways:

  1. By completing the online registration form and submitting to the BJA.
  2. By completing the grade registration form and sending a copy by email to

The Dojo

Coaches will be unable to submit gradings using The Dojo but will be able to check the members record after submission of the online form to see that the grade has been registered.

Coaches will be trusted to carry out the grading in whatever way suits the individual circumstances; some examples are:

  1. Similarly, to the way school academic results are being calculated. The coaches can use their existing knowledge of the judoka’s prior knowledge and achievement to assess and then award a promotion if appropriate.
  2. If a judoka had completed all their syllabus but had not been examined or were awaiting the minimum time in grade, the coach can use their judgement to award a promotion.
  3. Where judoka has not been prepared for their grading, coaches can set tasks such as getting the judoka to study the BJA grading videos (links below).

Then carry out a verbal test or a video assessment of a demonstration in a safe environment using shadow judo (Tandoku Renshu) to demonstrate the technique actions.

Ensure that the judoka is aware of their surroundings to eliminate the possibility of an accident and where necessary that there is adult supervision.


It is up to the club how they want to present the grading results, for example:

  • belts and certificates can be presented when the judoka returns to Judo
  • presentation could be carried out virtually over social media
  • the judoka’s record book can be signed on return to Judo
  • coaches should keep a record of all promotions submitted

Grading Resources

BJA Grading Videos

1st – 9th Mon Syllabus Videos *

* Please view the introductory video before beginning the syllabus and activities.

Coaching Qualifications and Coach Revalidation Extensions:

For each member who has an expiry date for the above courses between now and the end of June, we will add a three-month extension onto your expiry date to allow you additional time to book onto a relevant course once they are running again.

If you have any questions about your Coaching award, please contact

Coach Revalidations:

Stuck for things to do whilst self-isolating? Why not get up to speed on your revalidation modules for your coaching award?

There are plenty of places to find the perfect CPD for your needs, all from the comfort of your arm chair! All UK Coaching and UKAD Courses will be worth one revalidation module towards your total. Two completed Sport England Club Development online workshops, which typically last between 30-40 minutes, will be counted as one revalidation module.

We will be posting regular updates from a range of providers, so stay tuned for opportunities to enhance your coaching portfolio during lockdown.

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD)

UK Anti-Doping have recently launched a refreshed, updated version of the Accredited Advisor Assessment (Advisor Course).

The renamed course – Clean Sport Advisor – is live and available on the UKAD Learning Zone.

The purpose of the course remains the same; to enable people to confidently support and advise athletes and athlete support personnel (ASP) on their anti-doping responsibilities. However, it is important to us to continually improve and update our education resources, and after an internal and external review of the Advisor Course we have made improvements to the structure and learning experience. The course is now split into four core modules with a summary module – which all end with an assessment. It remains free of charge.

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Sport England Club Development Modules

Why not take some time to try some of the FREE online workshops provided by Sport England to assist volunteers and coaches with developing clubs. From ‘Financing your Club’ through to ‘Twitter Guidance’ hopefully there will be information and guidance useful to you.

For a limited time British Judo are also offering coaches that complete these modules the recognition to register them against their CPD. Two completed online workshops, which typically last between 30-40 minutes, will be counted as one revalidation module.

Important: Please ensure that you create a Clubmatters online account prior to completing workshops which will then enable you to download your certificate once complete.  Please send these, along with the attached ‘Applied Learning Application’ to and your records will be update with one revalidation credit.

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UK Coaching Webinars

Webinars & Digital COP for coachesclick here

  • Curious Coaches club – webinars on Mondays
  • Curious Coaches club – digital COPs on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Time 2 Learn – webinars on Fridays

Coach Developer Digital learning

If you complete one of above courses, please send the course certificate, along with the attached Applied Learning Application to and your records will be update with one revalidation credit.

Working Online Safely

Mobile devices, social networking sites and the internet are great tools to help organisations and groups engage with children and young people. However, if used inappropriately, they can also pose potential safeguarding risks and this may lead to abuse, both online and offline.

British Judo have noticed a number of coaches utilising the likes of Zoom and Skype to lead workouts and now gradings, which is fantastic to see, but it is important that the tools are used safely and securely. As a result, we have put together a range of advice and tips to carry out these sessions safely.

You can also download the following document as a PDF for future use: